Yale School of Management

Global Reach

Our global reach gives you the platform to launch a career that spans boundaries. You’ll be able to study businesses operating in diverse cultural contexts, travel to new continents, and connect with peers from dozens of countries.

But what really makes a global leader is a mindset of open curiosity—eagerness to learn from every interaction, to appreciate differences, and to place experiences and lessons into the larger context of global challenges. Our programs will also give you a unique opportunity to develop this perspective.

Student Profiles

  • I’m immersed in a multicultural environment that lets me collaborate with classmates from all over the world.

    Diana Jaime ’20
  • I’m currently a co-chair of SOM’s Greater China Club. We have an extensive and robust alumni network in the Greater China region.

    Olivia Chen ’19
  • When I’m among my MAM classmates, I am able to see their different approaches to business through the lens of their cultures and understand how to see the world through their lens.

    Noora AlSharhan ’19
  • “Educating leaders for business and society” is something that resonates widely throughout the school, and it is something that inspires and connects us all.

    Kevin Duarte
  • The Global Network brings so many different types of people here into the classroom, so you can find yourself asking, “How would I approach this finance problem in Africa?” or “How do you solve this type of problem in Canada?”

    Rajashree Guthe
  • The world today is very siloed. But the way that Yale structures the executive MBA program brings together people from so many different backgrounds.

    Decio Nascimento ’20

Our Global Community

  • Countries representedEastern hemisphere of Earth with stylized continents 40 Countries Represented by SOM Students
  • International Passport HoldersOpen passport book 44% International Passport Holders in the Full-Time MBA Program
  • Global Network SchoolsLinear globe with dots on longitude and latitude points 30+ Number of Global Network Schools
  • NumberHash symbol Number of Global Network Weeks Offered 82

A Global Campus

You don't have to leave Yale SOM’s Edward P. Evans Hall to be part of a global community. More than 40% of our MBA student body is international, coming from more than 40 countries. Conferences, talks, and informal get-togethers give students opportunities to learn from other members of the community.

Global Teams

In the Global Virtual Teams course, Yale MBA students get the latest knowledge about how to work in dispersed teams and then put their learning into action by completing a team project with students at other global schools. 

Global Study Opportunities

International ExperienceA course led by a Yale SOM faculty member that focuses on an aspect of the business environment in another country. The International Experience culminates with a ten-day trip to the region.

Global Network Weeks: Choose from week-long courses offered by a dozen or more network schools. During the week, you not only gain in-depth exposure to the business environment in another country but also learn and work alongside peers from around the globe.

Global Social Entrepreneurship: An intensive course in which teams of Yale students consult with social enterprises working in a variety of sectors, including economic development, sustainable energy, and education. 


Faculty Expertise

Yale SOM faculty research explores major questions that affect lives around the globe, including climate change, immigration and innovation, and opportunities in globalization. Important research has contributed to the debates on trade, corruption, and nuclear proliferation.

Master of Advanced Management

Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society

The Global Network for Advanced Management

As a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, Yale SOM is connected to 30 other top business schools. These schools are located in both emerging and developed economies, ranging from Chile to Nigeria to Japan. Each school brings expertise and connections within its home region, and Global Network programs enable students both to practice working globally and to tap into unprecedented resources.