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As I write this, I'm sipping tea in a hotel in Stockholm, having landed just over an hour ago on a plane from Copenhagen. One of my top reasons to come to Yale over any other school was the curriculum, including the International Experience. Yale gives us three weeks off for Spring Break, of which approximately a week and a half are for the International Experience. So while I'll be meeting my colleagues in Estonia on Tuesday the 8th for ten days in Tallinn and Budapest, I, along with my fellow first year Tracy Shepard, have taken full advantage of the time off given to us to travel, starting with 48 hours in Amsterdam, 48 hours in Copenhagen, and two and a half days in Stockholm, where we are meeting up with another first year, Gretchen Haughney. Finally, when we finish with our official trip, we have another weekend before school starts, during which we will make our way from Budapest to Vienna, finally flying back to the States on Sunday.The International Experience is almost universally regarded as a highlight of the SOM experience, and it's not hard to see why! Now, off to see the sites...

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