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Diana Jaime ’20

Diana Jaime ’20

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

I came to Yale SOM to continue developing my skill set alongside some of the brightest minds in the world. I’m constantly challenged by true experts in various fields, and I’m immersed in a multicultural environment that lets me collaborate with classmates from all over the world. One of the most surprising aspects of Yale SOM has been how multicultural it is. In every class and hallway, you meet people who are diverse in every respect. It constantly exposes you to different cultures and experiences. That’s how you create a global mindset.

As students in the GBS program, we’re encouraged to participate in workshops and student-led conferences on campus. Thanks to these events, I’m creating contacts from across Yale, who are helping me learn how to position myself as a leader in a globalized world. The conferences are also helping me reconsider my career options. I came to Yale uncertain about what I wanted to do after graduation, but getting exposure to different sectors and industries has helped me narrow my focus. Yale SOM has given me a platform to network in my areas of interest.

When it comes to extracurricular events, the Yale SOM community offers something for everyone. There are professional, as well as social, groups and clubs, and plenty of opportunities to learn something new. I’m part of the SOM United Soccer Club, and it’s great to be able to train and play matches with people who love the sport as much as I do.

I also belong to the Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students and the Women in Management (WIM) club. I’ve taken on roles in event planning with these organizations that have built up my own skill set. And so many of the speakers at WIM events have challenged me to become a woman who truly inspires others.