Student Government

The Yale SOM Student Government is the principal means by which students collectively shape their SOM experience and the experience of future classes. The institution fosters communication, respect, and understanding among students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Incoming Student Government members will be determined by September 20th, 2018. 

Current Second-Year Student Government Representatives are below:

Student Government

President: Christina Whatley 

Academic Affairs

Chair: Gokul Madhavan  ‘19


Chair: Uma Krishnan ‘19

Alumni Affairs

Club Leaders: Jesse Aronica ‘19

Career Development

Chair: Vinay Kanchanapally

Clubs and Finance

Chair: Ha-andza Young  ’19

Equity and Inclusion

Chair: Mariah Minigan ‘19

Marketing and Communications

Chair: Aarshiya Chaudry 
Voices: Hannah Stonebraker, Florian Kogler 

Student Life

Chair: Alyxandra Hopkins ‘19

Technology and Operations

Chair: Susannah Burrage ‘19

Cohort Representatives

Blue: Nate Silver ‘19
Green:  Lauren Motzkin ‘19
Gold: Alex Kasavin ‘19
Silver: Adrianne Eby ‘19
Red: Joe Rigodanzo ‘19
Purple: TBD

Orange: TBD

Graduate and Professional Student Senate Representatives

Senators: TBD