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Interview with George Magnus

George Magnus

Former Chief Economist and Senior Economic Adviser 
UBS, London


George Magnus is an independent economist, consultant and commentator. He has a distinguished career that started with some teaching assignments but was spent mostly in the financial services industry. After employment with Lloyds Bank International and Bank of America, he moved to the UK stockbroker Laurie Milbank with the Big Bang in the City of London in 1985, and then to S G Warburg in 1987 as head of fixed income research, and later Chief Economist. In 1995, he moved to UBS as the Chief Economist, based in London. In 2005, he was appointed Senior Economic Adviser, a position he held until going solo in 2012.

He has written extensively for UBS over the years, and still does on a contractual basis. His more public writings can be found at this site, and he is well known for his commentaries and interviews in the newspapers, journals and TV and radio. He is also available for speeches and panels at conferences and events.