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Featured Startup Friday: Tuckerman & Co.

Founded by Yale SOM alumni Amanda Rinderle, ‘15, and Jonas Clark, ‘15, Tuckerman & Co. was started because they wanted to provide classic workwear "made right."  

​Tuckerman was created for a simple but powerful reason: we were frustrated trying to find high quality clothing that we felt good about.  Most of what was available on the rack or in stores just wasn’t very well made and didn’t last very long.  Curious by nature, we started asking questions, and the more we learned the less we liked it.  There had to be a better way.  Our approach has been to try and reimagine clothing the way that it should be made.  We have a bias toward the timeless over the fleeting.  We believe in using the finest materials and partnering with those who take genuine pride in their work.  We have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, and wherever possible use less harmful materials over their conventional counterparts.  Together, we believe these all make for a better product.  Tuckerman is the name of one of our favorite hiking trails, a well-known New England favorite, where we used to sneak off on weekends to get a break from city life and recharge.  Coincidentally, the trail’s namesake – early 19th century botanist Edward Tuckerman – also attended Harvard Divinity School, where Jonas was a student at one time.  And for many years Tuckerman taught at Amherst College, just a stone’s throw from where Amanda grew up.  Founded in 2014 as a Benefit Corporation, they also became a Certified Benefit Corporation in 2015.  To learn more about our Entrepreneurial Fellows and Tuckerman & Co., visit, and follow them on Twitter, @TuckermanCo, and Instagram, @TuckermanCo.