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Case Excerpt: IBM CSC Participants

The CSC application process for IBMers is competitive; 3,000 to 5,000 employees apply for the program each year, and the program management team selects anywhere between 400 and 500 participants.

IBM CSC Participants Selection Process Infographic
CSC application process for IBMers, 2017

“In 2007, IBM launched the Corporate Service Corps (CSC), a global pro bono consulting program. Over the next ten years, the CSC had grown to be the largest corporate assistance program in the world, sending nearly 500 IBM employees each year. By the time it completes its 10th anniversary in 2018, the CSC will have sent approximately 4,000 employees from over 60 countries to consult on over 1,300 projects in nearly 40 countries. The CSC’s goal was to provide a triple benefit: leadership training to the top-performing IBMers, brand recognition for IBM in emerging markets and improvements in the communities served by the host organizations. As the program entered its second decade, IBM was considering ways to increase the social impact of the projects the CSC undertook while preserving the program’s other aspects.”