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Application Tips: Video Questions

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Jared Liu
Senior Associate Director, Admissions

The last piece of the puzzle in submitting your application to the Yale School of Management, is completing the video questions.  It’s important to note that the video questions are not a substitute for the interview. Instead, they provide a unique way for us to assess your communication skills and your ability to think on your feet, and enable us to create a more dynamic, multi-dimensional profile of each candidate.   

This is your opportunity to speak directly to the committee, allowing us to gauge qualities we might see when meeting in-person,  rather than relying solely on the written portion of the application.  There are no “trick questions”; we are not trying to stump you. The questions asked are similar to typical MBA or job interview questions, so take the allotted time to gather your thoughts and then deliver a response.

A few tips I’d like to offer include becoming familiar with the 60-90 second response time frame and getting comfortable speaking to your computer camera.  A great way to do this is to practice with a friend using Skype. Turn off your friend’s video, and have a cell phone keep track of your response time.

Know that you do not need to fill the entire response time.  You can complete your answer and end the recording by clicking the “stop” button on your screen.

And finally, utilize the practice tool provided before you begin your official recordings. This not only gives you the opportunity to test your internet connection, camera and microphone, but allows you to become comfortable using the technology and to be yourself – which is the key to success here.