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Photos: International Experience: Israel

Katja Gilman ’24 reflects on an immersive trip to Israel, led by Professor Gal Zauberman and TAs Nadav Tiomkin ’22 and Rona Beresh ’22.

Peres Center

It’s difficult to choose the right words to describe my time in Israel. What I can say is that I learned a lot from the experience. I think much of that had to do with our fearless leader, Professor Gal Zauberman, who is not only an Israeli but also a tried-and-true teacher. In just three lectures and 10 short days traveling, Gal exposed us to some of the most fundamental ideas surrounding the history, religion, culture, and traditions of Israel.

Everything from visiting local startups to talking with the Israel Innovation Authority to swimming in the Dead Sea to dressing in costumes for Purim now composes the memories that I will keep forever. Every day proved to be better than the last as I got to form a stronger bond with the place and the amazing group of people.

Migdal Shalom
Farewell Dinner
Ein Gedi Kibbutz

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