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The Yale SOM Operations doctoral program is designed to prepare individuals for faculty positions in operations research or operations management at research-oriented business, engineering and policy schools. 

Operations team playing instruments

The program also prepares students for research-oriented operations careers in public, private, or not-for-profit organizations. Yale’s Operations doctoral program is unique in its focus on identifying and modeling operational processes wherever they are found with the goal of improving operations and making better decisions. Program participants apply the methods of operations research and management to model important problems, some easily recognized as operational in nature (e.g. supply chains and service systems), but others less so (e.g. improving public health, sustainability, and homeland security). Framing such problems requires sophistication in characterizing/recognizing operational settings wherever they may be, while modeling and solving these problems requires the mathematical methods of operations research and management. The Yale Operations doctoral program develops expertise in both. The program is small, ensuring that each student receives ample faculty attention, and is highly flexible, allowing the program to be tailored to each student’s interests.

Primary faculty

Affiliated faculty

Peter Aronow ∙ Forrest Crawford ∙ A. David Paltiel ∙ Sekhar Tatikonda