Yale School of Management


The Doctoral Program is a selective course of study for students who plan to pursue scholarly careers in management. 

It matches future scholars with some of the most renowned faculty in their fields. Since only a handful of students are admitted each year, the program's small size allows for close interaction between PhD candidates and faculty. Students and faculty members frequently collaborate on research projects and scholarly papers.

The program takes anywhere from three to five years for a candidate to complete, although three years is rare. Study first focuses on the core underlying disciplines, followed by a course developed in consultation with senior faculty and the Director of Graduate Studies that includes coursework both at Yale SOM and around Yale, research, and preparation for the qualifying exam in the chosen specialization.  Yale SOM is tightly integrated with Yale University, allowing students to study across the university, providing key skills and a different perspective on the complex problems at the heart of management and organizational phenomena. 

Rick Antle


The PhD specialization in Accounting prepares students to become accounting scholars engaged in research and teaching at the highest levels in the general areas of financial information and contracting within and across organizations.

Shane Frederick teaching

Behavioral Marketing

The PhD program in Behavioral Marketing at Yale focuses on how individuals think and behave in consumer-relevant domains. The program of study is inter-disciplinary, drawing from the fields of consumer behavior, social psychology, cognitive psychology, decision research, and behavioral economics.

Organizations and Management

Organizations and Management focuses on the study of two things: how individuals and groups interact within organizations, and how firms interact with one another and with consumers, employees, communities, and institutions

Heather Tookes


Financial economics encompasses a broad area of topics and issues, including corporate investments and financing policy, security valuation, portfolio management, the behavior of prices in speculative markets, financial institutions, and intermediation.

Subrata Sen teaching

Quantitative Marketing

The PhD degree in Marketing is a research degree that is focused on developing cutting-edge skills that are needed to do research on the frontiers of marketing.


The Operations doctoral program is designed to train individuals to identify and model operational processes wherever they are found with the goal of improving performance and decision making. The program prepares participants individuals for faculty positions in operations research or operations management at research-oriented business, engineering and policy schools.