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Yale School of Management PhD students on the Job Market in 2020-2021



Natee Amornsiripanitch

Dissertation Committee: Gary Gorton (Chair), Andrew Metrick, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
Research Interests: Public Finance, Household Finance, Financial Intermediation, Entrepreneurial Finance
Job Market Paper Title: "Why Are Residential Property Tax Rates Regressive?
Natee Amornsiripanitch’s Website
Contact: natee.amornsiripanitch@yale.edu

Thomas Bonczek

Dissertation Committee: Gary Gorton (Chair), Stefano Giglio, Andrew Metrick
Research Interests: Macrofinance, Asset Pricing, Information Economics, and International Finance
Job Market Paper Title: "Consumption Growth Predictability and Global Safe Asset Demand
Thomas Bonczek’s Website
Contact: thomas.bonczek@yale.edu

Chase Ross

Dissertation Committee: Gary B. Gorton (co-chair), Andrew Metrick (co-chair), William B. English, Stefano Giglio, Tobias J. Moskowitz
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Macrofinance, Financial Intermediation
Job Market Paper Title: "The Collateral Premium and Levered Safe-Asset Production
Chase Ross’s Website
Contact: chase.ross@yale.edu

Sharon Ross

Dissertation Committee:  Gary Gorton (co-chair), Tobias Moskowitz (co-chair), Andrew Metrick, Bryan Kelly, Stefano Giglio
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Financial Intermediation, Macrofinance
Job Market Paper Title: "Government Risk Exposure: Zombies, Bailouts, and Government Suppliers
Sharon Ross’s Website
Contact: sharon.ross@yale.edu

Kevin Zhao

Dissertation Committee:  Nicholas Barberis (chair), James Choi, William Goetzmann, Kelly Shue
Research Interests: Behavioral Finance, Asset Pricing, Household Finance
Job Market Paper Title: "Who Extrapolates? Evidence from Experience Effects
Kevin Zhao’s Website
Contact: kevin.zhao@yale.edu



Scott Rodilitz

Dissertation Committee: Vahideh Manshadi (chair), Edward Kaplan, Edieal Pinker, Saed Alizamir
Research Interests: Nonprofit Operations, Crowdsourcing, Platform-based Markets
Job Market Paper Title: "Online Policies for Efficient Volunteer Crowdsourcing
Scott Rodilitz's Website
Contact: scott.rodilitz@yale.edu

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