Job Market Candidates

Yale School of Management PhD students on the Job Market in 2017-2018

Kyriakos Chousakos

Dissertation Committee: Gary Gorton (Co-Chair), Tobias Moskowitz (Co-Chair), Jonathan Ingersoll, Guillermo Ordoñez, Tyler Muir
Research Interests: Macro-Finance, Asset Pricing, Financial Intermediation, Retirement Finance
Job Market Paper Title: “Financial Intermeidaries and International Risk Premia"
Kyriakos Chousakos’ Website

John Heater

Dissertation Committee: Jacob Thomas (Chair), Shyam Sunder, X. Frank Zhang, and Alina Lerman
Research Interests: Disclosure, Regulation, Corporate Governance, and Financial Intermediaries
Job Market Paper Title: “Intended Benefits and Unintended Consequences of Improved Performance Disclosure"
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Stephanie Miller

Dissertation Committee: Jacob Thomas (Chair), Frank Zhang, Alina Lerman, Thomas Steffen
Research Interests: Earnings Management, Misreporting, Accounting for Healthcare and Nonprofits
Job Market Paper Title: “Real Earnings Management in Nonprofit Organizations"

Cameron Peng

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Chair), James Choi, Kelly Shue, William Goetzmann
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Household Finance
Job Market Paper Title: “Price and Volume Dynamics in Bubbles"
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Matthew Regele

Dissertation Committee: Amy Wrzesniewski (C0-Chair), James N. Baron (Co-Chair), Rodrigo Canales, Marissa King, Michael G. Pratt
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Organizational Identity, Hybrid Organizing
Job Market Paper Title: “Learning Conflict: Enacting a Hybrid Organizational Identity in Product Development"
Matthew Regele’s Website

Qin Tan

Dissertation Committee: Jacob Thomas (Co-Chair), Frank Zhang (Co-Chair), Alina Lerman, Kalin Kolev, Thomas Steffen
Research Interests: The Pricing of Accounting Information, Firm Disclosures,  Accounting Regulation
Job Market Paper Title: “Asymmetric Inefficiency in Market Response to 8-K Information"
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