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Job Market Candidates

Yale School of Management PhD students on the Job Market in 2021-2022


Ruiting (Dan) Dai

Dissertation Committee: Jacob Thomas (Chair), Frank Zhang, Thomas Steffen, Raphael Duguay, Anya Nakhmurina
Research Interests: Financial Reporting and Disclosure, Accounting Accruals, Intangibles, Product Market Competition
Job Market Paper Title: "Product Market Competition and Strategic New Product Releases
Ruiting Dai’s Website

David Kwon

Dissertation Committee: Jacob Thomas (Chair), Frank Zhang, Zeqiong Huang, Matthew Spiegel
Research Interests: Institutional Disclosure, Accounting for Investments, ETFs
Job Market Paper Title: "The Differential Effects of the 13f Disclosure Rule on Institutional Investors”
David Kwon's Website

Jinjie Lin

Dissertation Committee: Jacob Thomas (Chair), Frank Zhang, Kelly Shue, Thomas Steffen, Raphael Duguay
Research Interests: Regulation and Regulators, Disclosure, Antitrust, Social Science Genetics
Job Market Paper Title: "Regulating via Social Media: Deterrence Effects of the SEC’s Use of Twitter
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Alexander G. Fulmer

Dissertation Committee: Taly Reich (Chair), Kelly B. Herd, Ravi Dhar, Gal Zauberman
Research Interests: Consumer behavior, social psychology, unintentionality, product biography
Job Market Paper Title: "How Selection Can Beget Fun: Examining A New Product Selection Method
Alexander Fulmer’s Website

Ankit Sisodia

Dissertation Committee: Vineet Kumar (Chair), K. Sudhir, Alex Burnap, Kosuke Uetake
Research Interests: Economics of Unstructured Data, Strategic Consumer Choices
Job Market Paper Title: "Economic Value of Visual Product Characteristics
Ankit Sisodia's Website


Organizations & Management

Doctoral Candidate Placement Coordinator:

Beth Ann Bretter
165 Whitney Avenue
Yale School of Management
P. O. Box 208200
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: 203-432-6002
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