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Job Market Candidates

Yale School of Management PhD students on the Job Market in 2019-2020


Erik Olson

Dissertation Committee: Jake Thomas (Chair), Frank Zhang, Shyam Sunder, Thomas Steffen, Zeqiong Huang
Research Interests: Capital Markets, Corportate Finance, Tax
Job Market Paper Title: "Unlocking Trapped Foreign Cash, Investor Types & Firm Payout Policy”
Erik Olson’s Website
Contact: erik.olson@yale.edu


Avner Langut

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Chair), William Goetzmann, Stefano Giglio, Andrew Metrick
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance
Job Market Paper Title: "Leverage Clienteles”
Avner Langut's Website
Contact: avner.langut@yale.edu

Chen Wang

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Chair), Stefano Giglio, Kelly Shue, Tobias J. Moskowitz
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance
Job Market Paper Title: "Under- and Over-Reaction in Yield Curve Expectations”
Chen Wang's Website
Contact: ch.wang@yale.edu

Natalie Zhu

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Chair), James Choi, Kelly Shue, Jonathan Ingersoll
Research Interests: Behavioral Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Household Finance
Job Market Paper Title: "Range-based Expectations”
Natalie Zhu’s Website
Contact: natalie.zhu@yale.edu


Elizabeth Friedman

Dissertation Committee: Ravi Dhar (Chair), Shane Frederick, Gal Zauberman, Nathan Novemsky
Research Interests: Judgment and Decision Making, Consumer Choice, Goals and Motivation, Psychology of Pricing
Job Market Paper Title: "Apples, Oranges and Erasers: The Effect of Considering Similar versus Dissimilar Alternatives on Purchase Decisions”
Elizabeth Friedman’s Website
Contact: elizabeth.friedman@yale.edu


Cheng Hua

Dissertation Committee: Tauhid Zaman (Chair), Art Swersey (Co-Chair), Edward Kaplan, Edieal Pinker, Vahideh Manshadi
Research Interests: Public Service Operations, Service Operations, Queuing and Stochastic Processes, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Algorithmic Quantitative Trading, Sports Analytics
Job Market Paper Title: "Improving Productivity: Queuing Approximation Methods for Large Scale Emergency Service Systems”
Cheng Hua’s Website
Contact: cheng.hua@yale.edu

Organizations & Management

Margeum Kim

Dissertation Committee: Olav Sorenson (Chair), Marissa King (Co-Chair), James Baron, Balazs Kovacs, Ingrid Nembhard
Research Interests: Collaboration Networks, Status, Economic Sociology, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Social Networks, Social Reproduction of Hierarchy
Job Market Paper Title: “Climbing the status ladder: Low status firms tie initiation with higher-status firms and tie maintenance through role repetition and reciprocation”
Margeum Kim’s Website
Contact: margeum.kim@yale.edu


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