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Yale School of Management PhD students on the Job Market in 2018-2019


Arun Gupta

Dissertation Committee: Gary Gorton (Chair), Andrew Metrick, William English, Heather Tookes
Research Interests: Financial Intermediation, Macrofinance
Job Market Paper Title: “The Spillover Effects of Forced Bank Recapitalizations”
Arun Gupta’s Website
Contact: arun.gupta896@yale.edu

Toomas Laarits

Dissertation Committee: Gary Gorton (Chair), Stefano Giglio, Andrew Metrick, Alan Moreira
Research Interests: Asset pricing, financial intermediation, monetary policy transmission
Job Market Paper Title: “Pre-Announcement Risk”
Toomas Laarits’ Website
Contact: toomas.laarits@yale.edu

Ben Matthies

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Co-Chair), Kelly Shue (Co-Chair), James Choi, Geert Rouwenhorst, Matthew Spiegel
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance
Job Market Paper Title: “Biases in the Perception of Covariance”
Ben Matthies’ Website
Contact: ben.matthies@yale.edu


Elizabeth Friedman

Dissertation Committee: Ravi Dhar (Chair), Shane Frederick, Gal Zauberman, Nathan Novemsky
Research Interests: Judgment and Decision Making, Consumer Choice, Goals and Motivation, Psychology of Pricing
Job Market Paper Title: "Apples, Oranges and Erasers: The Effect of Considering Similar versus Dissimilar Alternatives on Purchase Decisions”
Elizabeth Friedman’s Website
Contact: elizabeth.friedman@yale.edu

Minkyung Kim

Dissertation Committee: K. Sudhir (Chair), Kosuke Uetake, Vineet Kumar, Jiwoong Shin
Research Interests: Salesforce Compensation, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Structural Modeling, Machine Learning
Job Market Paper Title: “A Structural Model of a Multi-tasking Salesforce"
Minkyung Kim’s Website
Contact: minkyung.kim@yale.edu

Organizations & Management

Winnie Jiang

Dissertation Committee: Amy Wrzesniewski (Chair), Jim Baron, Julia DiBenigno, Gina Dokko
Research Interests: The meaning of work, careers, employment mobility, employee well-being, human resources management
Job Market Paper Title: “Navigating Meaningful but Demanding Work: The Changing Practice and Meaning of Work in Refugee Resettlement"
Winnie Jiang’s Website
Contact: winnie.jiang@yale.edu

Margeum Kim

Dissertation Committee: Olav Sorenson (Chair), Marissa King (Co-Chair), James Baron, Balazs Kovacs, Ingrid Nembhard
Research Interests: Collaboration Networks, Strategic Management, Social Networks, Economic Sociology, Status, Social Reproduction of Hierarchy
Job Market Paper Title: “Why and when organizations form reciprocating relationships: Performance and status implications of reciprocity in venture capital syndication networks”
Margeum Kim’s Website
Contact: margeum.kim@yale.edu


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