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Current PhD Students

Dhruv Aggarwal (Law/Finance)
B.A. Economics, Yale University

Richard Archer (Quantitative Marketing)
B.S. Statistics, University of Chicago

Aslihan Asil (Law/Finance)
B.A. Economics, Princeton University

Mohin Banker (Behavioral Marketing)
B.S. Economics & Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University

Michael Blair (Operations)
B.Math, University of Waterloo
B.B.A., Wilfrid Laurier University

Geoffrey Borchhardt (Organizations & Management)
B.S. Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School
M.S. Sociology, University of Oxford

Alexandra Bray (Organizations & Management)
B.A. Sociology, New York University

Megan Burns (Organizations & Management)
B.A. Psychology, University of Michigan

Joseph Leland Bybee (Finance)
B.A. Economics, University of Chicago
M.S. Statistics, University of Michigan

Adam Callister (Law/Finance)
B.S. Mathematics, Brigham Young University

Brett Campbell (Accounting)
B.S. Accounting, Brigham Young University
M.S. Accounting, Brigham Young University

Xugan Chen (Finance)
B.S. Mathematics, Zhejiang University

Yen-Shao Chen (Operations)
B.S. Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Mujin Choi (Law/Finance)
B.A. Economics, Amherst College
Doctor of Law, Yale Law School

Hemanshu Das (Operations)
B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology
MBA Management, Indian Institute of Management

Leandro de Miranda Gomes (Finance)
B.S. Economics, State University of Santa Catarina
M.S. Economics, Pontificia U Catolica Rio De Janeiro

Abhishek Dev (Finance)
B.S. Finance, Bard College

Tania Diaz-Bazan (Finance)
B.A. Economics, Universidad Catolica de Cuyo
M.S. Economics, Universidad de La Plata

Lal Eda Erensoy (Behavioral Marketing)
B.A. Management, Bogazici University
Master of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Eunice Han Eun (Organizations & Management)
B.A. English Language & Literature, Brown University
Masters, Management, Harvard Extension School

Alexander Fulmer (Behavioral Marketing)
B.S. Hotel Administration, Cornell University
Post-Baccalaureate Psychology Certificate, Columbia University

Ben Gardner (Finance)
B.S. Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University

Pranav Garg (Finance)
B.A. Economics, University of Delhi
M.S. Economics, Paris School of Economics

Ping Gong (Accounting)
B.Com. Accounting, University of New South Wales

Andrew Luis Granato (Law/Finance)
B.A. Economics, Stanford University

Taylor Holdaway (Organizations & Management)
B.A. Economics & Mathematics, Reed College

Allen Hu (Finance)
B.E. Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University

Daniel (Zongsheng) Huang (Finance)
Other Bachelor Level, Economics, Tsinghua University
M.S. Finance, University of Chicago

Dong Huang (Finance)
B.S. Economics and Mathematics, Tsinghua University
M.S. Finance, Tsinghua University

Dennis Helding Jacobsen (Organizations & Management)
B.S. Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School
M.S. Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School

Barry (Shikun) Ke (Finance)
B.S. Applied Mathematics, Columbia University

Jin Kim (Behavioral Marketing)
B.A. Economics, Berkeley
M.S. Marketing, Seoul National University

Doris (Do Kyung) Kwon (Organizations and Management)
M.S. Business Administration, Seoul National University
BBA Business Administration, Seoul National University

Lucas C. Lee (Accounting)
M.Ph. Finance, University of Cambridge

Peter (Sangwoo) Lee (Quantitative Marketing)
B.S. Operations Research, Columbia University

Seung Yoon Lee (Quantitative Marketing)
B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST
M.S. Information Systems, KAIST

Soonbong Lee (Operations)
B.A. Business Administration, Yonsei University
M.S. Operations Research Management, Yonsei University

Ari Lerner (Operations)
B.S. Mathematics, Tufts University

Pengcheng Liu(Finance)
BS Finance, Renmin University of China
MS Finance, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Zikun Liu (Quantitative Marketing)
BS Mathematics, Fudan University

Tianshu Lyu (Finance)
BS Computer Science, New York University Shanghai
MS Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Geoffrey Martin (Operations)
BS Statistics, Yale-NUS College
MA Statistics, Yale University

Tendai Masaya (Accounting)
BS Accounting, Ithaca College
MS Accounting, University of Virginia

Belisa Pang (Law/Finance)
BS Finance, University of Virginia
Doctor of Law, Yale Law School

Hillary Parent (Behavioral Marketing)
BA, Psychology, University of Waterloo

Khizar Qureshi (Operations)
BS Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jamil Abdur Rahman (Finance)
BA Economics, Cornell University

Michael Robinson (Quantitative Marketing)
BA Political Science, Yale University
MBA, Yale School of Management

Paul Schmidt-Engelbertz (Finance)
BA Economics, University of Oxford

Yu Shi (Operations)
MS Biostatistics, Yale University
BS Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sally (Myung Jin) Shin (Behavioral Marketing)
BA Communications, University of Pennsylvania
MS Computer Science, Columbia University

Hassan Siddiq (Accounting)
BA Engineering Science, Yale University

Ankit Sisodia (Quantitative Marketing)
MBA, Indian Inst. of Management-Ahmedabad
BE, Inst. of Technology, Banaras Hindu Univ.

Huifeng Su (Operations)
BE Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Akshaya Suresh (Operations)
BS Astronomy & Physics, Yale University
MA Social Science, University of Chicago

Fei Teng (Quantitative Marketing)
BA Economics, Johns Hopkins University

Brittany Torrez (Organizations & Management)
BA Psychology, Stanford University

Kaushik Vasudevan (Finance)
BA, Statistics, Univ. of Chicago

Chi Ying Wang (Quantitative Marketing)
Bachelor Finance, National Taiwan University
MA Economics, National Taiwan University

Yi Wang (Finance)
Bachelor's of Finance, Wuhan University
MS Finance, New York University

Ian Weaver (Quantitative Marketing)
MA Economics, University of Toronto
BD Economics and Mathematics, University of Toronto

Jared Jenson Wong (Behavioral Marketing)
BA Economics, Duke University

Hongyu Wu (Finance)
BBA Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
MA Mathematics, Columbia University

Elizabeth (Bu Deul) Yang (Organizations & Management)
BA Business Administration, Yonsei University
MA Communications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

Yiftach Yarmar (Organizations & Management)
BA Economics, Columbia University

Laiyi Yin (Accounting)
BCom Economics & Accounting, McGill University

Dolly (Yang) Yu (Finance)
BS Economics, University of Toronto
MA Economics, Yale University

Daojing Zhai (Finance)
BS Physics, Nanjing University

Kangying Zhou (Finance)
BS Economics Huazhong University of Science
MS Applied Mathematics, University of Chicago

Keyan Zhu (Quantitative Marketing)
BEcon Finance, Peking University
MEcon Finance, Peking University