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Program Comparison

Which program is right for me?

The Yale School of Management offers one MBA, provided in two different formats. Find the similarities and differences between both programs in the table below.

 Full-time MBAMBA for Executives
Degree awardedMBAMBA
Length of ProgramTwo academic years22 consecutive months
Class ScheduleClasses meet Monday through Thursday during the academic year.Classes meet year-round on alternating Friday/Saturday weekends, with a 2-week in-residence period at the start of Year 1 plus a 1-week residence period to start Year 2.
Company Support/ SponsorshipThere is no company sponsorship or endorsement required as part of the admissions process.Employer Approval for time sponsorship is required to participate in this program. Corporate financial sponsorship is not a requirement.


Students in both programs take the Yale integrated core curriculum, learning to approach questions and problems from many perspectives by synthesizing multiple academic disciplines and diverse viewpoints.

Leadership DevelopmentYale School of Management’s approach to Leadership Development is woven through the integrated core curriculum and selected core courses are designed specifically to elevate your leadership capabilities, on four distinct levels: Individual, Team, Organization, and Global & Society.Over the course of the 22-month program you will have mandatory core courses, electives, optional sessions and workshops, along with executive coaching, colloquia speakers, and other experiences that build advanced leadership knowledge and skills at the executive level.
ElectivesSecond-year students may choose electives offered by Yale SOM or other Yale graduate programs.EMBA students may petition to take elective courses at Yale SOM and across Yale graduate programs after their first semester.
Global offeringsAll students are required to participate in a global experience with several options from which to choose.All students are required to participate in a Global Network Week through the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM). Students can also take Small Network Online Courses (SNOCs) through GNAM.
Career strategy/goalCareer transition, entrepreneurial goals or a managerial step up.Career acceleration, entrepreneurial goals and increased leadership responsibility / impact.
Career ServicesThe Career Development Office (CDO) supports full-time students through career coaching, on-campus recruiting opportunities, foundational career resources, access to Yale University alumni, and support with internships.The Career Development Office supports executive students through career coaching, access to resources and independent executive coaching, executive skills workshops and access to Yale University Alumni.