Leadership Development

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Leadership is a skill you will work on and develop throughout your life. There is no effortless path to excellence and accomplishment in this domain.

Our Leadership Development Program runs the full length of the program, giving you a maximum opportunity to build the knowledge and experience you need to better lead teams and organizations.

Leadership Thinking and Practice

Through coursework, hands-on experience, and practice giving and receiving feedback, the LDP develops skills on four levels:

  1. Individual Level
    examples: Values and leadership commitments, knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses
  2. Interpersonal/Team Level
    examples: Giving/receiving feedback, emotional intelligence, communication, diversity
  3. Organizational Level
    examples: Developing and implementing vision and strategy, organizational design and organizational culture
  4. Global Level
    examples: Building and sustaining community, ethics, social responsibility and accountability, cultural awareness

The Program is Designed to be:

  • Personalized. The LDP helps you advance your leadership goals. You build up your own leadership plan, which could include a leadership role at the school, starting your own venture, or working with a community organization, and then act on it. You make use of a unique assessment tool that is designed just for you to measure your progress.
  • Highly global. Leadership demands and practices vary across cultures. A formulaic approach to leadership will fail those interested in working in varied regions or in highly global organizations. The highly customized nature of LDP enable you to prepare to lead across boundaries.
  • Engaged with Yale. Through the LDP, many students extend their engagement with Yale University, working with undergraduate clubs or Yale affiliation and outreach groups, for example.
  • Integrated with your studies. The LDP advances in step with the academic curriculum, providing you with opportunities to reflect on the leadership questions and lessons encountered in the classroom.

How It Works:

During the first weeks on campus, you receive instruction on the fundamentals of leadership, while also investigating and articulating your own priorities and values. Over the course of the first year, classes, speaker programs, and other experiences help build advanced leadership knowledge and skills.

In the first year, you develop the plan for your leadership practicum, a significant endeavor that will help you advance toward your leadership aims. These practicum projects may take the form of club leadership, creating a new event or program for the school, engaging in community service, or launching a business. You execute on the plan in your second year, while receiving professional coaching and continuing peer feedback.