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Extended Classroom

The MBA for Executives Extended Classroom allows a small number of participants to join class from home, office, or while on a business trip on occasion. Leveraging state-of-the-art classroom technology in Evans Hall, this innovation helps students to inject some flexibility into their rigorous class weekend schedule to manage the travel demands placed upon them, their families, and employers.

The Extended Classroom

Program participants using the Extended Classroom can see and hear everything that is going on in the classroom. They can raise their hand and contribute to class discussions as if they were sitting in the room. Students on campus can see their peers on dedicated screens, as can of course the professor. To maintain the quality and rigor of the Yale MBA for Executives program, students cannot use the Extended Classroom on two consecutive class weekends and the number of Extended Classroom spots per weekend is limited. Browse our FAQs below for more information on the Extended Classroom policy and logistics.

“I have really appreciated the Extended Classroom feature of the Yale EMBA program. Balancing family, work, friends, and school can be difficult but being able to access professors and classmates remotely is a real game-changer. I’ve used Extended Classroom in order to attend my nephew’s first birthday party, my best friend’s wedding, and even to take care of a sick husband. Being able to be present in Atlanta with my loved ones and also in New Haven with my cohort has been the best gift.”
— Kay Baker '20


How often can I access the Extended Classroom?

You will be required to attend a class weekend at Evans Hall at least once a month. Classes cannot be accessed remotely for two consecutive class weekends.

Students who are not in good academic standing may not be allowed to access classes remotely. 

Are there limits as to how many students can use the Extended Classroom per class weekend?

Yes, eight spaces are available per class weekend on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are made through the reservation system, CampusGroups, and need to be requested by the Monday before the class weekend. A wait list is used once capacity for any given weekend is reached. 

Is the Extended Classroom option available during residence periods?

The Extended Classroom is available during Friday/Saturday class weekends only. It is not available during the weeks of Orientation or Residence, which must be attended in person.

What platform is used to support the Extended Classroom? What do I need to access it?

Yale SOM Media Services currently uses Zoom to host the Extended Classroom, and therefore stipulate the following technical requirements:

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (Wired connection preferred)
  • Speakers and a microphone – Built in or USB
  • Headphones with microphone to eliminate noise.
  • Webcam
  • While not required, using two monitors will improve the experience by allowing content to show on one screen and video to show on the other.
  •  Students’ images are displayed on the screens installed in the back of classroom 4420.
  • Background should be clutter free and not distracting
  • Location should be in a quiet area without background noise
  • The room should be well lit; Avoid sitting in front of windows

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 or 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X with MacOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or later

Supported Browsers:

  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE7+, Safari5+
  • Mac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari5+

Bandwidth Requirements:

  • 600kbps (up/down) for HQ video
  • 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video

Prior to each session, students log in 20 minutes early to test their sound and connection with SOM Media Services.

Do I need to inform my professors or anyone else that I am using the Extended Classroom during a class weekend?

Once your slot is confirmed by the program team, students are responsible for notifying their learning teams if they plan to participate remotely, and for making arrangements to connect with them remotely for in-class group work.