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Learn more about the details of the Yale MBA for Executives unique curriculum and program requirements for graduation.

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Curriculum FAQ

  • Does the program offer remote or distance learning opportunities?

    Currently all classes are held at the Yale School of Management New Haven campus at 165 Whitney Avenue.  Students are expected to attend all classes in New Haven. We do not currently offer any programs exclusively online.

  • How often do I have to be on campus?

    Classes are scheduled on an alternating Friday/Saturday schedule, with some longer sessions over the course of the 22 month-long program, including three summer residency weeks: 2 weeks in year one and 1 week in year two.

  • How many credits do I need to graduate?

    All Yale School of Management MBA candidates must complete 72 units of credit to graduate.

  • How many credits are awarded per course?

    Credits earned are based on the total number of classroom contact hours. On average, EMBA courses run for a total of six, three-hour sessions and award 2 credits each.

  • Is a global component of the program required?

    Yes, the EMBA Global Network Week is mandatory for all students. This week takes place in June, towards the end of Year 1, offering destinations at participating Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)  partner schools. The Network is comprised of 30 business schools from around the world and connects each member school with diverse regions, countries, cultures and economies in different phases of development. Browse the GNAM website for more information on past EMBA Global Network Weeks.

  • Is it possible to customize my curriculum through electives?

    The EMBA program is a fixed curriculum and students move through the curriculum with their cohort. If the EMBA class schedule permits, students may enroll in electives offered at the Yale School of Management or at any of Yale’s graduate or professional schools.

  • How do you develop leadership skills through the program?

    The MBA for Executives  leadership development curriculum provides EMBA students an opportunity to customize a program to develop, hone, and execute their leadership goals. The curriculum is unique in that in runs for the entire program duration (22 months) and each student benefits from professional and peer coaching.

  • How long is the program?

    The EMBA program is delivered over 22 consecutive months.

  • What degree will I earn?

    The EMBA program follows the same curriculum as the full-time MBA program and students are awarded the Yale MBA.

  • Are career management services available?

    The Career Development Office provides ongoing professional career development to EMBA students that includes workshops; one-on-one advising; an extensive website, including a job database;  and various networking opportunities and events. These resources are dedicated to enhancing professional development for both active job seekers and students who intend to advance their career trajectory with their current employer.

  • What is the expected weekly hours of work outside of campus class weekends?

    On average, students can expect to spend 20 hours per week on assignments and homework outside of the classroom.

  • What is the best way to get to campus?

    New Haven is less than two hours by train or car from New York City and the New York-area airports. Both Amtrak and Metro-North trains stop in New Haven’s Union Station. New Haven is also about two hours by train or car from the Boston area. It is also convenient to Bradley International Airport near Hartford, Connecticut, and to Tweed New Haven Airport.

  • Is it possible to miss classes?

    MBA for Executives students are expected to attend classes regularly, be on time, and be prepared to contribute to class discussion. We recognize that there are times when circumstances may cause a student to miss class. If these absences are due to religious observance, unplanned hospitalization, extended illness, or a personal or family emergency that directly affects the student or an immediate family member, the absence would be considered excused. 

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The EMBA curriculum is subject to final faculty approval and may change from time to time.