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Customize Your Experience

Find your path to excellence.

Within your 22-month journey through the structured and rigorous curriculum, you will have opportunities to customize your experience through features that allow for further professional development and program flexibility. Here are a number of options.


Independent Study

After the first semester, EMBA students have the opportunity to take elective courses outside of their curriculum at SOM or at any of Yale’s professional schools. These electives are typically scheduled during weekdays, and students must have the flexibility to  travel to campus in order to attend classes. Students who wish to take an elective, must first get permission from the faculty teaching the course and comply with all enrollment procedures and other nuances proposed by the school offering the course. Once the appropriate permissions are obtained, the SOM registrar will complete the enrollment process for the student.

Independent Studies

These projects provide an opportunity for students and faculty to work together on subjects of mutual interest outside the structure of normal courses. Each independent project must have a sponsor who is a member of the Yale full-time faculty. Students must submit a Petition for Independent Study that includes the project proposal and the faculty sponsor’s signature. The proposal must indicate the means by which the student’s performance is to be judged (e.g., weekly assignments, final paper, etc.), as well as the scope of the project. A project will be assigned a course number of MGT 690 and can be worth 2 or 4 units. No more than 4 units of Independent Study may be undertaken in a term. The Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Life must approve the project before the course is entered on the student’s record (The Assistant Dean of EMBA must approve independent studies proposed by students in the EMBA program.) Forms are due within the first two weeks of the term in which the project will take place. Late add or drop fees will apply for changes made after this date. There will be no bid points required. Please note: the MGT 690 course number is for SOM students only. 


Our students’ evolution through the program includes opportunities outside of the classroom to explore and further develop, both professionally and personally. Through the vast resources which Yale has to offer, our programming team has provided the space for this development via a workshop series. In the past, examples of workshop topics have included Yale School of Drama faculty to provide hands-on approaches when building executive presence, and faculty who offer topics based on their area of expertise and research such as social networking, emotional intelligence and effective communications. All of our workshops typically take place on Saturdays after classes and registration is required.

Cross Campus series

Yale campus
Yale campus
Yale campus

One of the opportunities you will have to engage with the wider Yale community is participating in the Cross Campus Series - a series of after-class events that step outside of Evans Hall and truly showcase all that Yale has to offer. Cheer on the Bulldogs at Ingalls Rink for a Yale Men’s hockey match, tour historic Harkness Tower, visit the Cushing Brain Collection in the Harvey Cushing / John Hay Whitney Medical Library, and much more. Cross Campus events are free to register and held on select Friday evenings throughout the program. 

The EMBA Cross Campus Series has been one of the highlights of the program for me thus far.  While EMBA students take classes on campus, we are only there for a finite amount of time, thus making it difficult to engage with the broader university (as one is able to do more organically during full-time programs). Through the EMBA Cross Campus Series I’m getting to know the campus, available resources, and connecting with other students outside of SOM – it truly has been a blast!