Yale School of Management

Customize Your Experience

Within your 22-month journey through the structured and rigorous curriculum, you will have opportunities to customize your experience through features that allow for further professional development and program flexibility.

Cross Campus Series

One of the opportunities you will have to engage with the wider Yale community is participating in the Cross Campus Series - a series of after-class events that step outside of Evans Hall and truly showcase all that Yale has to offer. Cheer on the Bulldogs at Ingalls Rink for a Yale Men’s hockey match, tour historic Harkness Tower, visit the Cushing Brain Collection in the Harvey Cushing / John Hay Whitney Medical Library, and much more. Cross Campus events are free to register and held on select Friday evenings throughout the program. 

“The EMBA Cross Campus Series has been one of the highlights of the program for me thus far.  While EMBA students take classes on campus, we are only there for a finite amount of time, thus making it difficult to engage with the broader university (as one is able to do more organically during full-time programs).  Through the EMBA Cross Campus Series I’m getting to know the campus, available resources, and connecting with other students outside of SOM – it truly has been a blast!” – Renee ‘21

Extended Classroom

Ex. Classroom

The MBA for Executives Extended Classroom allows a small number of participants to join class from home, office, or while on a business trip on occasion. Leveraging state-of-the-art classroom technology in Evans Hall, this innovation helps students to inject some flexibility into their rigorous class weekend schedule to manage the travel demands placed upon them, their families, and employers.

Program participants using the Extended Classroom can see and hear everything that is going on in the classroom. They can raise their hand and contribute to class discussions as if they were sitting in the room. Students on campus can see their peers on dedicated screens, as can of course the professor. To maintain the quality and rigor of the Yale MBA for Executives program, students cannot use the Extended Classroom on two consecutive class weekends and the number of Extended Classroom spots per weekend is limited. Browse our FAQs below for more information on the Extended Classroom policy and logistics.

“I have really appreciated the Extended Classroom feature of the Yale EMBA program. Balancing family, work, friends and school can be difficult but being able to access professors and classmates remotely is a real game changer. I’ve used Extended Classroom in order to attend my nephew’s first birthday party, my best friend’s wedding and even to take care of a sick husband. Being able to be present in Atlanta with my loved ones and also in New Haven with my cohort has been the best gift.” — Kay '20



  • How often can I access the Extended Classroom?

    You will be required to attend a class weekend at Evans Hall at least once a month. Classes cannot be accessed remotely for two consecutive class weekends.

    Students who are not in good academic standing may not be allowed to access classes remotely. 

  • Are there limits as to how many students can use the Extended Classroom per class weekend?

    Yes, eight spaces will be available per class weekend on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations should be made through the reservation system, CampusGroups, and need to be requested two weeks before the class weekend. A wait list will be used once capacity for any given weekend is reached. 

  • Is the Extended Classroom option available during residence periods?

    The Extended Classroom is available during Friday/Saturday class weekends only. It is not available during the weeks of Orientation or residence, which must be attended in person.

  • What platform is used to support the Extended Classroom? What do I need to access it?

    Yale SOM Media Services currently uses Zoom to host the Extended Classroom, and therefore stipulate the following technical requirements:

    • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (Wired connection preferred)
    • Speakers and a microphone – Built in or USB
    • Headphones with microphone to eliminate noise.
    • Webcam
    • While not required, using two monitors will improve the experience by allowing content to show on one screen and video to show on the other.
    •  Students image will be displayed on the screens installed in the back of classroom 4420.
    • Background should be clutter free and not distracting
    • Location should be in a quiet area without background noise
    • The room should be well lit; Avoid sitting in front of windows

    Supported Operating Systems:

    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8 or 8.1
    • Windows 7
    • Mac OS X with MacOS 10.6.8 /(Snow Leopard) or later

    Supported Browsers:

    • Windows: IE7+,  Firefox,  Chrome,  Safari5+
    • Mac: Safari5+,  Firefox,  Chrome

    Bandwidth Requirements:

    • 600kbps (up/down) for HQ video
    • 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video

    Prior to each session, students will be asked to schedule a test call with the EMBA Media Coordinator.

  • Do I need to inform my professors or anyone else that I am using the extended classroom during a class weekend?

    Once your slot is confirmed by the program team, students are responsible for notifying their faculty and learning teams if they plan to participate remotely.

    Students are also responsible for making arrangements to connect with learning teams remotely for in-class group work. 

Self-Directed Study

Ind. StudyAs you may know, our program is highly structured through the integrated core curriculum, advanced management and focus area courses. Our students have the option of customization through self-directed study which means there are a number of options when fulfilling four credit hours to complete and graduate from the MBA for Executives program.

Faculty-Directed Project 

Students are able to undertake a research project under the supervision of a Yale professor. The project is meant to allow students the opportunity to expand and develop their understanding of a particular challenge or question in their area of focus, or to pursue an academic question in another discipline or disciplines with any Yale University professor.   Interested in learning  about some of the projects that have been developed? Read this blog post  “The Independent Study: Harnessing the Power of Yale”.   


EMBA students have the opportunity to take elective courses at SOM or at another school at Yale University. Students interested in taking an SOM elective typically contact a program administrator to begin the process. If they decide to take a course offered by another school at Yale University, they must comply with any enrollment procedures and other nuances proposed by the school offering the course. Students wishing to enroll in a course in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or in one of the other professional schools at Yale must receive permission from the course instructor and a program director. Enrollment in a Yale Law School course also requires authorization from the registrar of the Law School. Once the appropriate permissions are obtained, the student should contact the registrar, who will enroll the student.


Thursday evening EMBA electives are customized and relevant courses taught specifically for EMBA students by professors at SOM. We understand that many of our executives are not able to attend elective courses on campus during the week due to the nature of their work schedules; however, they are able to attend an evening class on Thursday of class weekends. One upcoming Thursday evening elective will be taught by SOM Professor Nicholas A. Christakis, author of Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives, will teach a course titled Network Interventions which will reflect the nature of his work.

Small Network Online Courses (SNOCs) are for-credit courses offered virtually by a Global Network for Advanced Management member school and open to students from throughout the network. The courses link students through an online platform and video conferencing for lectures and discussions. As part of the courses, groups of students from multiple member schools collaborate virtually on substantial team projects, developing teamwork skills and cross-cultural perspectives. SNOCs enroll a select group of top-tier MBA students engaged in a common effort to build management skills and by bringing together MBA candidates from member schools as part of their regular coursework, the courses harness the strengths of the Global Network.


Our students’ evolution through the program includes opportunities outside of the classroom to explore and further develop, both professionally and personally. Many executives long for the opportunity to participate in transformational development opportunities and through the vast resources which Yale has to offer, our programming team has provided the space for this development. In the past, we have hosted faculty from Yale School of Drama to provide hands-on approaches when building executive presence and program directors from the Yale Stress Center to teach our executives about best practices in mindfulness and stress reduction.

Jessica Helfland

Yale School of Management professors Rodrigo Canales and Jessica Helfland will host a leadership workshop called Visual Identity, Institutional Identity to speak to how we present ourselves as a way of incorporating individuals, talents and diversity, in to the collective enterprise.  Additionally, Professor Kyle Jensen will provide a workshop on Agile Project Management frameworks to help close-knit teams develop complex software products amidst uncertainty, changing requirements, and diverse stakeholders.  All of our workshops take place on Saturday after classes and registration is required.

Explore. Discover. Connect.