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Nick Wilcox ’24

Nick Wilcox ’24


Internship: True View Windows and Glass (portfolio company for Search Fund Accelerator)

I came to business school to expand my horizons, learn about career options, and get the chance to connect with top-notch employers. I also wanted the chance to build a network of colleagues and peers outside of the military community. Orientation Week immediately exposed me to people in my cohort from completely different backgrounds. It opened my mind to the various perspectives people hold about world events, business, and about values. I didn’t necessarily agree with what everyone said, but that’s what makes Yale SOM great—we encourage debate and wrestle with ideas in class. This environment has been challenging in the best way, and it’s helped me grow a lot.

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My International Experience trip introduced me to the entrepreneurship through acquisition community. The trip was hosted by Professor A.J. Wasserstein, my favorite professor. We toured Barcelona, Madrid, and London, where we had discussions with investors, searchers, and operators in the search fund community. We also got to visit the facilities of various companies and see CEOs at work.

I’m now vice president of the Startup & Entrepreneurship Club. We’ve hosted events with operators, investors, and brokers in the search fund community. We have in-depth conversations about the ins-and-outs of launching a search, buying a company, and operating it after purchase.

One thing I really wanted to take advantage of at Yale SOM was the opportunity to study abroad. I’m currently studying at the London School of Economics for the fall semester and taking really thoughtful and engaging economics classes such as African Political Economy, Designing and Managing Change in the Public Sector, and The Economics of Regional and Urban Planning. I’m typically only one of a few Americans in the classroom, and it’s great to hear perspectives on current events and business from people around the world.