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Gina D’Addario ’24

Gina D’Addario ’24

Master’s Degree in Public Education Management

Executive Director of Recruitment & Staffing, Providence Public Schools

The world is undergoing rapid change that’s posing significant challenges and opportunities for students, educators, and administrators. In talent management, my field of expertise, we’re feeling the pressure to evolve our hiring and training practices from primarily district-centered, low-urgency, inflexible solutions to more strategic, holistic, and nimble ones—while keeping the needs of students and principals at the forefront. 

Adapting to the reality of the post-pandemic workforce adds another complication. It involves changing cultures, shifting mindsets, and developing new procedures. Because education is so multifaceted, leadership is distinctly different from management in other fields. I wanted a master’s program geared to education that would teach me how to apply cutting-edge concepts directly to my role managing an evolving workforce.

I’ve enjoyed all my courses at Yale SOM. Education Policy for Systems Leaders was tremendously helpful in building my capacity to understand and use policy as a lever for change, while Managing Groups and Teams helped me grow as a leader. Especially useful skills I’ve gained have included learning how to develop a theory of change, evaluate a program’s effectiveness, and conduct a root cause analysis. I’ve also honed my public speaking skills, and I’ve become a much more critical consumer of information.

Gina D'Addario in studio with host
Gina D'Addario in studio
Gina D'Addario with reporters
Talking to media about job opportunities in the Providence Public Schools

The benefits of this program can’t be quantified! The support, relationships, small cohorts and content all have long-lasting impacts. It’s incredibly rare to have an opportunity, particularly in education, where you’re given the space, time, and freedom—at no monetary cost—to grow as a person and as a professional. 

My classmates are nothing short of exceptional. They pick me up, encourage me, and challenge me to think in new and unconventional ways. Hearing each of their leadership stories has been incredibly powerful and continually reminds me of the beauty and hardship each person carries with them.

Interviewed on December 08, 2023