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Bobby Treviño ’24

Master’s Degree in Public Education Management

Managing Director of College Initiatives, YES Prep Public Schools

As an educator and a district leader, it’s extremely difficult to find time to engage in meaningful professional development that focuses on both technical skills and leadership skills. At SOM, what I value the most is having the opportunity to be back in the seat of a learner. I’m constantly learning from my peers and from experts in the field—our professors. I’m also building an incredible network and close relationships with like-minded people who are passionate about changing the education landscape.

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The most impactful courses for me have been Education Policy for Systems Leaders and Everyday Leadership. The policy class has broadened my understanding of policy. I used to think it only lived at the state or national government levels. Now I see policy in everything I do at the district level. I was even able to implement one of the frameworks we learned in class in an initiative on my job that ended up becoming my course capstone project.

Everyday Leadership, on the other hand, has felt less like a class and more like a therapy session. Through her teaching style and ongoing reflections, Professor Heidi Brooks has helped me understand that leadership isn’t defined by books or only practiced at work. Leadership is a way of interacting with the world that can be practiced at all times.

This program is for district leaders who understand the intersectionality of all district functions and how those functions impact our children’s education. It’s for leaders with the desire to grow and learn from others, leaders who have a passion for equity and ensuring all students have access to quality education. I aspire to be a leader who is consistently a champion for students and families. I want to lead with passion, love, and kindness. Our public education system needs more leaders who keep students and families at the forefront of all decisions, even if it makes processes more difficult sometimes.

Interviewed on May 03, 2024