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Frank Ogbuagu ’24

Frank Ogbuagu ’24


Internship: Investment Banking Summer Associate, Nomura

Energy is a subject that’s very important to me. I grew up in an environment where I saw firsthand its impact on development and quality of life. In Nigeria, inadequate electricity supply remains a major issue and serves as a huge impediment to economic development. I’ve focused my career on the challenge of providing sustainable and affordable energy technologies.

After working as an engineer for several years, I wanted to pivot from a purely technical role to a more strategic one, looking at issues from the perspectives of stakeholders across the value chain in sustainable energy and finance. I chose Yale SOM because its “business and society” mission struck a chord in me. My impact on the local community has always been top of mind wherever I go.

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The integrated core curriculum opened my eyes to the range of impacts that business leaders make in their communities. With courses focused on individual stakeholders, our discussions were more in-depth, and there was time provided to challenge each other’s thinking and assumptions. Raw cases let students engage with materials in a multi-dimensional manner, making for a fuller experience. I spent time listening and questioning, collaborating with and challenging both classmates and professors. My perspective on leadership is now more nuanced, inquisitive, and empathetic.

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From left: With a friend at the top of East Rock, in Tel Aviv during a trek to Israel, with classmates in Japan
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From left: Enjoying a Student Life-sponsored trip to a skating rink, with a friend at Yankee Stadium, and celebrating Holi

The Career Development Office (CDO) and the Finance Club were exceptional resources in helping me get the hands-on finance experience I needed. The CDO provided unmatched support through Wall Street treks, résumé and cover letter support, sharing advertised opportunities and feedback from employers, and providing connections to alumni in the industry. The Finance Club gives investment banking hopefuls an established path to the industry. The club has a robust curriculum and calendar for recruiting, and second-year students who have already interned serve as valuable mentors. I took advantage of all these resources, and they helped me land my summer internship at Nomura.