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Billy Taylor ’23

Billy Taylor ’23

Master’s in Asset Management

The Asset Management program offered me an education with real-world applications in both quantitative and fundamental investing strategies. I’m passionate about markets and spend my spare time trying to understand the complex interrelationships between asset classes and current geopolitical news. This program is exactly what I was looking for.

Billy Taylor with family at Quechee Gorge in Vermont
Billy Taylor at the top of East Rock with family
With my family at Quechee Gorge in Vermont (left) and at the top of East Rock (right)

Data science and quantitative applications make up a large part of the curriculum, especially in the first semester. Students get the opportunity to work with data, build models, and practice implementing investing strategies. The skills we’re gaining are critical to the industry right now, as computing power expands and machine-learning applications are applied to historical financial data. A key tool I have developed is the ability to combine intuition with data to build a more structured approach to researching investment ideas.

My favorite part of the program has been interacting with the professors who teach our core courses. In classes like Quantitative Investing and Financial Econometrics and Machine Learning, we learn from professional asset managers and get insights into what they’re thinking about current and future market conditions.

Another great part of this program has been my classmates. Although the class size is just over 40 students, we have a diverse group, and each student brings a different culture and way of thinking to the classroom. I’ve made so many great friends, and I look forward to maintaining these connections throughout my career.