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Benjamin Misra

Benjamin Misra ’22


Internship: Google

I consider society’s relationship with technology, and especially artificial intelligence, one of the most important elements for my future career. I chose Yale SOM because its mission resonated with me, and it enables leaders to cultivate their passions for a positive impact on the world.

I needed hard business skills to complement the soft leadership skills I cultivated in the military. The integrated core curriculum develops these hard skills in small, close-knit cohorts, which really appealed to me. The raw case method, in particular, showed me how to tackle big, ambiguous problems that don’t have a perfect, single solution. I learned to approach business problems much more comprehensively.

The core gave me an amazing array of lenses that I used extensively in my internship at Google. I had the confidence and the ability to perform immediately, and it made all the difference.

I’ve been able to supplement my business school education with courses at the Yale Law School and at the Jackson School of Global Affairs. I’m fascinated with the future of technology and how it will play a role geopolitically as well as domestically. These courses have allowed me to not only explore my curiosity but also learn from preeminent scholars in law, history, global affairs, and political science.

At Welcome Weekend, both my wife and I felt so comfortable walking the campus, chatting and sharing coffee with Yale SOM students. I’ve particularly found the ability to safely share my perspectives and experiences, both in and outside of class, a remarkably positive aspect of this community.

I’m now co-president of the Veterans Club, as well as an active member of the Technology, Data Analytics, Consulting, and Consortium clubs. I’ve formed friendships and close ties, and found mentors, in this remarkably safe and inclusive setting. Yale SOM is a special place!