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Lessons Learned Oral History Interview Archive

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Our interviews augment our document-based research by revealing general observations, valuable insights, and unanticipated “Lessons Learned” that we believe will be helpful to policymakers in the future.

Our interviews recount a multitude of perspectives and also provides a human dimension to these rare and extraordinary events. These are the stories of the decisionmakers, who, as the U.S. housing market crashed and the exposure of   the inherent weaknesses in the financial system sent markets into a freefall, were tasked with crafting the emergency response not knowing how,   or even if, they could contain the damage and restore stability. We hear from the deputies, the lieutenants, and the analysts who worked through the night shepherding possibilities and pouring over numbers. They are men and women who answered their government’s call to service, and put their expertise at its disposal, leaving jobs, families and vacations behind.

The views of the interviewees are their own and are not in any way approved or endorsed by organizations that they are, or have been, affiliated with, or YPFS. Because the interviews are based on personal recollections, they may include misstatements and errors. YPFS edits the transcripts for the sake of clarity and accuracy. We do not fact-check the interviews but may address an obvious significant misstatement or factual error.

Click the links below to browse the entire collection of Lessons Learned Transcripts and Summaries organized by the institution served during a specific crisis event:

Federal Reserve System

We publish our Lessons Learned summaries in our online journal, the Journal of Financial Crises on an ongoing basis. This allows us to share the essence of the interview with the public sooner, in a shortened version.  You may view our published  Lessons Learned summaries  in our Journal of Financial Crises, or download  the list of  published Lesson Learned summaries marked with descriptive keywords. Complete interview transcripts may be accessed by clicking on the above links.

Additionally, browse our full collection of Lessons Learned Materials  and other materials  related to  crises throughout history with expanded search capability in the YPFS Resource library

Lastly, find answers to frequently asked questions  regarding the  Lessons Learned  Oral History Project  here.