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About the Yale Program on Financial Stability

The Yale Program on Financial Stability's (YPFS) mission is to create, disseminate, and preserve knowledge about financial crises. 

Finding Stability Together

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At its core,  the challenge of creating more financial stability in our global economy is analogous to the dilemma illustrated by the classic public goods problem. The YPFS contributes to the solution of this problem by supporting the world’s financial authorities in refining proven crises management tools and strategies. The YPFS seeks to advance how policymakers approach issues of systemic risk globally, through educating future stewards of macroprudential policy and through critical analysis of  previous actions taken in the financial regulatory and supervisory policy space.

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Expanding the Policy Toolkit


The YPFS commits to fortifying the application of macroprudential policy tools in response to disruptions caused by systemic risk, and seeks to alleviate the pressures inherent in financial crisis management, through the provision of training, analytical tools, and resources for the global community of central banks and other financial regulatory professionals.

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