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IE Japan Team with the Otobank CEO Yuya Kubota (front left) and Founder Wataru Ueda(center). Otobank is a the leading Japanese audiobook company.

Photos: International Experience 2019—Japan

In March, students in the International Experience course traveled to the Balkans, China, Israel, India, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, and South Africa to learn about local business environments and cultures—and sent back photos of their experiences.

The Japan International Experience course focused on the country’s demographic and environmental challenges and its increasing dependence on its neighbors for food and energy supply. Discussions and site visits looked at robotics, artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, women and retired people in the workforce, retail, and transportation.

Faculty Advisors

Kosuke Uetake, Associate Professor of Marketing
Aniko Oery, Assistant Professor of Marketing

About the International Experience Course

The International Experience course serves as a case study in learning about the complexities of a business environment from a leader’s point of view. The course begins with a half semester of classroom study and culminates in a 10-day trip to one or more business capitals, during which students visit companies and meet political leaders. The course gives students an enhanced ability to think globally that will be valuable for the rest of their time at Yale and beyond.

International Experience Courses for 2019

BalkansChinaIndiaIsraelJapan • New Zealand • PeruSouth Africa