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From the Assistant Dean for Admissions: Advice for Round 3 Applicants

Bruce DelMonico addresses common concerns and myths related to applying in the final round of the application process.

This is a busy time in our application process. We’re currently in the middle of Round 2, our largest application round, which takes up a good deal of our time. (As I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, each application is reviewed multiple times and can potentially be discussed twice by the admissions committee.)

At the same time that we’re reviewing Round 2 applications, we’re also preparing for our Round 3 application deadline on April 14. To that end, we will be hosting receptions or admissions workshops for prospective students in cities like San Francisco, Mumbai, São Paulo, and London. Attending one of the events is an excellent idea if you are considering applying in Round 3.

I often get asked if it makes sense to apply in Round 3. While it is consistently our smallest round, we do still receive very strong applicants who end up gaining admission and becoming strong contributors to our community.

My advice if you are considering submitting a Round 3 application is the same as I give to students who debate between a Round 1 or Round 2 submission: you should apply when you are most ready. If you feel you are prepared—and by prepared, I mean you’ve had time to reflect on your goals and intentions for business school, your test score is where you want it to be, and you are ready to begin your MBA just a few short months after you receive your decision—then a Round 3 submission might make sense for you.

In addition, there is really no harm in applying in Round 3 if you are considering doing so. If you apply and your decision is not favorable, you can simply reapply next year, with no stigma or negative inference. We treat reapplicants exactly the same as first-time applicants.

Good luck to all of our Round 2 applicants, and for those of you considering applying in Round 3, you can learn more about SOM by reaching out to students, learning about our clubs and activities, or checking out Twitter for the latest news and happenings around campus. In addition, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or attend an event near you to connect with an admissions officer.

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