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Meet Yale SOM’s 2022-23 Kerry Fellows

Two Yale SOM students are among the 19 Yale students who will spend the year collaborating with U.S. policymakers and researching a variety of pressing global issues.

SOM Kerry Fellows 2022-23
Lily Engbith ’24 (left) and Tunde Fakiyesi ’23 (right)

Two Yale SOM students have been named Kerry Fellows for the 2022-23 academic year.

MBA for Executives student Tunde Fakiyesi ’23 and MBA student Lily Engbith ’24 are among 19 students from across Yale University participating in the program, which is part of the Kerry Initiative, founded by John Kerry, special presidential envoy for climate change and the 68th U.S. secretary of state.

Kerry Fellows collaborate with U.S. policy makers on leading-edge research and high-profile publications for a global audience, touching on issues from the global environment to democracy and technology.

“The Kerry Fellows Class of 2023 is an ensemble of accomplished and brilliant minds,” Fakiyesi said. “I hope to learn how low- and medium-income countries could balance the need to cut carbon emissions without jeopardizing economic growth and industrialization. I also hope to study how civil societies could drive multi-sectoral engagement and close the gaping division that threatens democratic institutions.” 

Engbith said that she hopes to leverage her Yale experiences to evaluate the implementation of economic development programs that support democratic principles.

“I hope to advance my own understanding of financial negotiations with geopolitical consequences,” she said. “The Kerry Initiative will provide me the space and resources to delve deeply into these interdisciplinary questions, while also allowing me to engage with peers and mentors who share similar concerns.”