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EMBA Class of 2007

MBA for Executives Charter Class of 2007 Returns to Mark 15 Years

Graduates of Yale SOM’s MBA for Executives program’s charter class will gather at Evans Hall this summer to celebrate the program’s 15th anniversary from June 24 to 26.

Photo: The MBA for Executives Charter Class at Commencement on May 28, 2007. 

Reunion Weekend 2022 will include a pioneering Yale School of Management cohort when members of the MBA for Executives Class of 2007 return to campus to mark the program’s 15th anniversary.

The alumni were the first to enroll in Yale SOM’s new executive MBA program when it launched in 2005. At the time, the program included only the healthcare track, which was dubbed “Leadership in Healthcare.” The charter class included 22 professionals from throughout the healthcare industry. In 2014, the executive MBA program expanded to include sustainability and asset management tracks.

Alumni who are attending the reunion said they look forward to reconnecting with their classmates and to sharing the wisdom gleaned from their careers.

“There were 22 of us in the charter class of Yale SOM’s EMBA program,” said Eric Schultz ’07, executive vice president and president at FluidEdge Consulting. “Many great friendships formed during those two immersive years, and I hope to connect with fellow classmates as well as the faculty who shaped the experience and expanded our knowledge and thinking.” 

Schultz said that he is at the stage in his career where he enjoys mentoring younger leaders. “I’m glad to help those executives and students in the early part of their careers, and I enjoy sharing lessons that might help make a difference.”  

Other classmates agree that the alumni network has made a big difference in their careers, and they look forward to contributing to it. “The reunion introduces our class to other classes, which reinforces the alumni network,” said Sally Ann Butler-Hopper ’07, a management and marketing consultant.

“Personally, I’ve relied on my Yale alumni network for needs in hiring, real estate, legal matters, estate planning, and financial forecasting,” she added. “I look forward to igniting new collaborations by expanding my network.”

The network expands in depth, as it is continually enriched by the evolving experiences of alumni, Butler-Hopper said. “Fifteen years ago, our charter class entered Yale SOM with specific goals, and as time has passed, unanticipated opportunities have led to new paths we could have never predicted.”

Carlos Fuentes ’07, co-founder of Axiom Actuarial Consulting and managing partner at Your2tor, said that his classes’ impact helped shape the EMBA program. “We received an outstanding education and helped improve the program for future generations,” he said.

“Now it’s time to catch up, see where we are, and perhaps explore the possibility of doing something together—a work project, an article, a local reunion. It’s time to remember what we did 15 years ago, what made us laugh, our favorite classes, and our favorite conversations.”

Yale SOM Reunion is scheduled for June 24 to 26.

MBA for Executives Class of 2007

Chidi Achebe
Nicole Boramanand
Stanley Boyd
Carl Bulgini
Sally Ann Butler
Tom Cooke
Chris Daniel
Chris Day
Julie Dickinson
David Esposito
Genevieve Faith
Carlos Fuentes
Michael Giordano
Daniel Jorgensen
Francis  LaMorte
Michael McCall
Rajiv Pande
Susan Peters
Sostena Romano
Eric Schultz
Jamie Sidore
Michael Tal