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Favorite Memories from Fall 1

First-year MBA students share their favorite memories from their first eight weeks at Yale SOM. One frequent highlight: the connections they have made with their fellow students. 

Hoori Barkh ’24 and family

Our weeklong Orientation programming was by far my favorite fall memory. Not only did I enjoy meeting students from both the MBA and one-year degree programs during Orientation, but I also appreciated how welcoming the SOM community was to partners and kids. My husband, Tyler, and daughter, Farrah, joined us for a few of the afternoon programs, including the ice cream social (pictured), and got to meet many of my future classmates.
—Hoori Barkh ’24

Liv Ouyang ’24 and Forte Fellows at Lyman Orchards

My favorite memory so far was going to Lyman Orchards with other Forté Fellows!
—Liv Ouyang ’24

Celeste Watkins ’24 and roommates

I have to say my favorite memory so far has been getting to know my housemates. It all started when I posted in the housing and roommate Slack channel on the admitted students’ Slack. From there, my first housemate, Joandy, reached out to me—it turns out that we had a mutual accepted student friend in common! From there, he and I relentlessly applied to apartments and screened for a third housemate; we decided that we wanted Christine to join us. From moving in to late-night talks around our kitchen island to Mandarin Tuesdays, our international house—called the Book Building—has been a source of comfort and community for the three of us. We really do appreciate each other and treat our little group as a family. We always make sure to take care of each other if we are unwell or down and check in on each other if we go out to have fun or are out late. It’s been a real blessing to have Joandy and Christine in my life.
—Celeste Watkins ’24

Marisa Li ’24 and friends at Escape Room

During Orientation programming, we attempted the hardest escape room at Escape New Haven. It was a fun way to bond, and we were so close to escaping (only one clue away!). We loved it so much we created an #escaperooms Slack channel afterward to coordinate our own future outings.
—Marisa Li ’24

I was struggling with a question on a Modeling Managerial Decisions problem set and asked a couple of classmates for help. They happily agreed, and I told them I’d message them later that day. When they hadn’t heard from me by dinnertime, each one messaged me separately to ask if I was all right. Their generosity of spirit is truly emblematic of the SOM community.
—Lily Engbith ’24

Trishala Chaudhary ’24 and friends

My favorite memory is the togetherness I’m forming with the amazing, diverse group of people at SOM. We’ve gotten closer through Labor Day weekend trips, Yale networking events, hikes, celebrating each other’s birthdays and accomplishments, and clubs such as Hockey Boosters. I’m excited to support each other not just through the next two years but in the rest of our lives after Yale!
—Trishala Chaudhary ’24

My favorite part of my first semester is exploring the surrounding New Haven community, East Rock, and Yale campus in general. I especially loved spending my first fall here.
—JoAndy Pratama ’24