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From the Assistant Dean for Admissions: Is There Room for Me in Round 3?

Bruce DelMonico addresses common questions and concerns about applying in Round 3.

With less than two weeks before our Round 3 application deadline on April 12, I wanted to take a moment to offer some guidance for candidates thinking about whether to apply in Round 3.

Perhaps the most common question I am asked is whether there are any seats left in the class for candidates who apply in Round 3. The concern is that the class might be full after the first two rounds and that applying in the third round is an exercise in futility. I can say that even though Round 3 is our smallest round, we still do have spaces available in the class. The number of spaces may vary depending on how many applicants who were admitted in the first two rounds decide to enroll, but every year we model to admit applicants in Round 3. And I can say that this year in particular, with applications to business schools generally down, there could well be increased opportunities for Round 3 applicants to secure offers of admission.

Of course, if you are hoping to begin your MBA studies this fall, the reality is that you need to apply this application cycle to do so. So applying in Round 3 is necessary if you want to enroll in 2022. But even if you’re open to beginning your studies in fall 2023, there still may be value to applying in this application cycle. For example, even if you apply in Round 3 and are not admitted, the admissions committee offers feedback on your application upon request. So if you’re not successful in your application this year, your Round 3 application could help you improve your application for next year. There is no stigma or bias against reapplicants, so a Round 3 application this year, if unsuccessful, can be a good “dry run” for an application next season.

Finally, for international applicants who are wondering whether it’s too late to apply to Yale SOM, I would note that we do accept applications from non-U.S. applicants in Round 3. Some other schools have a different policy, but we do not limit Round 3 to U.S. applicants.

Those of you considering applying in Round 3 can learn more about Yale SOM by visiting our Application Guide or attending our upcoming Online Admissions Chat. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or attend an event to connect with our community. Best of luck to you!

Bruce DelMonico
Assistant Dean for Admissions

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