Yale School of Management

Management Science Concentration

MBA and MAM students at the Yale School of Management may pursue an optional concentration in management science drawing on Yale SOM faculty’s broad expertise in applying quantitative methods to challenges in business and management. International students who pursue the management science concertation will have the opportunity to qualify for an additional two-year STEM extension of the Post-Completion OPT work permission*. Students will earn the concentration by completing a minimum of 16 credit units (cu) of eligible courses. For MBA students, 6 cu of the requirement will come from the MBA core.

Eligible Courses

MBA Core courses:
2cu   MGT 403
 Probability Modeling and Statistics
2cu   MGT 405
 Modeling Managerial Decisions
2cu   MGT 422
 Operations Engine

A student exempting out of one or more core courses must make up the exempted credits from electives.

Elective Courses:
4cu   MGT 510
  Data Analysis and Causal Inference (R. Jensen)
4cu   MGT 542
  Speculation and Hedging in Financial Markets (S. Giglio)
   MGT 544
  Investment Management
4cu   MGT 556
  Big Data and Customer Analytics (K. Uetake)
4cu   MGT 575
  Social Media Analytics (T. Zaman)
4cu   MGT 595
  Applied Quantitative Finance (T. Moskowitz)
4cu   MGT 611
  Policy Modeling (E. Kaplan)
   MGT 616
  Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, and Markets
4cu   MGT 656/660
  Management of Software Development (K. Jensen)
2cu   MGT 803
  Decision Making with Data (P. Schott)
2cu   MGT 805
  Fixed Income Securities: Bonds, Swaps & Derivatives (S. Majd)
2cu   MGT 809
  Advanced Business Analytics with Spreadsheets (L. Meng & E. Pinker)
4cu   MGT 817
  Sports Analytics (T. Moskowitz & N. Rudi)
2cu   MGT 819
  Big Data (V. Manshadi)
2cu   MGT 822
  Game Theory and Market Design (J. Zhou)
2cu   MGT 851
  Strategic Market Measurement (A. Oery)
2cu   MGT 852
  Listening to the Customer (A. Oery)
2cu   MGT 855
  How to Design and Run Business Experiments (S. Frederick)
2cu   MGT 872
  Managing Sustainable Operations (S. Alizamir)
2cu   MGT 873
  Supply Chain Management (S. Kim)
2cu   MGT 877
  Simulation Modeling (A. Jain)
2cu   MGT 879
  Healthcare Operations (E. Pinker)

Other Yale Courses

Students may apply 1 nonSOM course (4 units) towards the management science concentration from the pre-approved list below.

Computer Science (CPSC)
CPSC 100 (also known as CS50)
  Introduction to Computing and Programming
CPSC 112
  Introduction to Programming
CPSC 123
  YData: An Introduction to Data Science (cross-listed with S&DS 123)
CPSC 201
  Introduction to Computer Science
CPSC 223
  Data Structures and Programming Techniques
CPSC 365

Statistics and Data Science (S&DS)
S&DS 262
  Computational Tools for Data Science
S&DS 365
  Applied Data Mining and Machine Learning

STEM OPT extension note

*Enrollment in a STEM field is the first qualification in a series of eligibility criteria for STEM OPT extension. Further information about eligibility and requirements for the STEM OPT extension is available on the Department of Homeland Security website and through Yale’s Office of International Students and Scholars.