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MBA Headlines

Google office visit
April 05, 2024 MBA Blog

Exploring the Bay Area on the 2024 Tech Trek

Marisa Li ’24 shares photos and memories from a student-led trip to San Francisco. 

A conference in an auditorium
April 03, 2024 MBA News

Yale Healthcare Conference Celebrates 20th Annual Forum

The interdisciplinary conference, which gathers practitioners, researchers, and business leaders from across the healthcare sector, will convene at Yale SOM on April 12.

Joel Li next to an sign
April 02, 2024 MBA Blog

Startup Stories: Streamlining Your Electric Vehicle Purchase

A conversation with Joel Li ’25, who has relaunched as a platform that connects electric vehicle shoppers and sellers.

Students on a beach with momuments
March 28, 2024 MBA Blog

An International Experience to Remember

Megan Grossman ’25 writes that lasting connections, insights into a new business environment, cultural explorations, and spectacular food made the International Experience trip to Uruguay one of the most impactful weeks of her life. 

Students in a classroom
March 27, 2024 MBA Blog

Student POV: Expand Your World

Samanta Cubias ’24 describes how her professors and classmates at Yale SOM helped give her a broader view of both business and society. 

A terrace outside Evans Hall
March 25, 2024 MBA News

Yale SOM Announces New Sustainability Action Plan, Steered by Students

Yale SOM’s newly published Sustainability Action Plan 2030 (SAP) will guide the school’s growth and development and its environmental impact goals. Watch for solar panels, reduced waste, and increased awareness of energy use in Evans Hall.

Students shaking hands in a café
March 20, 2024 MBA Blog

Student POV: Transition Point

Hackett Landefeld ’24 describes how Yale SOM fits into his journey from the military to a career in renewable energy.

The Yale Venture Club in an office lobby
March 20, 2024 MBA Blog

A Venture Capital Exploration of China

Since 2021, the Yale Venture Club has connected students and alumni across the Yale campus with an interest in entrepreneurship and investing in China.

Three people wearing safety goggles and holding power tools in the Evans Hall courtyard.
March 14, 2024 MBA Blog

Fostering Partnership and Community at a Woodworking Workshop

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity recently hosted an unusual team-building exercise: a woodworking workshop.

Lina Khan with a group of students
March 13, 2024 MBA Blog

Coffee and Conversation with Lina Khan, Chair of the Federal Trade Commission

Earlier this month, Khan visited Yale SOM to talk with students about the commission’s work enforcing antitrust policy and promoting competition. Craig Miranda ’24 and Jason Liu ’25 share their takeaways.