Global Study

You are preparing to lead in a world of increasing connectedness, but also increasing complexity. You may be doing business in many countries, and you’ll need to understand the business, legal, political, social, and cultural environments of each. At Yale SOM, you’ll have many opportunities to build global perspectives on the issues you are most interested in. You’ll benefit by taking classes alongside students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and you’ll build global knowledge through elective courses in foreign language, international relations, and more at Yale University. You’ll also lay the foundation for a global career by fulfilling the Global Studies Requirement and taking advantage of Global Network Weeks; Global Network, International Experience, and Global Social Entrepreneurship courses; and exchange programs.

Global Studies Requirement

Yale’s MBA Program requires students to gain a meaningful exposure to complex issues facing business and society in different regions of the world. As an MBA student, you will be required to participate in at least one of the following before you graduate:

  • International Experience course
  • Global Network Weeks
  • Global Network Courses
  • Global Social Entrepreneurship Courses
  • Semester-long international exchange with a partner school

International Experience

The International Experience course serves as a case study in learning about the complexities of a business environment from a leader's point of view. The course begins with a half semester of classroom study and culminates with a 10-day trip to one or more business capitals, during which you'll visit companies and meet political leaders. The course gives you an enhanced ability to think globally that will be valuable for the rest of your time at Yale and beyond.

Global Network Week

Yale SOM is a founding member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, which fosters substantive ties among the world’s leading business schools. During the semi-annual Global Network Week, you'll have the opportunity to travel to another school in the network for an intensive course in an area of local interest or specialization. For example, Yale SOM students have traveled to IE Business School in Madrid for a course on the euro crisis, and to Renmin University Business School for a course on entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

Read about Global Network Week on the Global Network for Advanced Management website.

Global Network Courses

Yale SOM has developed new virtual courses in which you'll have the opportunity to work on project teams with students at Global Network schools around the world, developing important skills in cross-cultural—and cross-time-zone—collaboration.

Hear from some of the students who have taken Global Network Courses.

Global Social Entrepreneurship Courses

Among Yale SOM's many elective courses with an international focus are the two Global Social Entrepreneurship courses, which give you the opportunity to travel abroad for an entrepreneurial consulting experience. Both courses connect students with mission-driven social entrepreneurs in a developing country to help them address a specific management challenge. Global Social Entrepreneurship India works with Indian social enterprises on an array of projects focused on expanding their reach and impact. Another edition of the course pairs students with organizations in in a different country each year.

Exchange Programs

You may also choose to spend the fall semester of your second year studying at an overseas business school. Through this semester-long program, participating students deepen their understanding of the business environment and culture of their host country. Yale SOM also hosts a number of exchange students, who enrich the student body.

The schools currently participating in the exchange program are:

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science
  • HEC Paris
  • IESE Business School, Barcelona
  • National University of Singapore Business School
  • Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, Beijing