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Single Student Budget 2018-19

Tuition $69,500
Program Fee $2,120
Total Tuition and Fees  
Room, Board, and Personal Expenses* $22,145
Textbooks and Photocopies $1,000
Health Insurance** $2,400
Total Estimated Living Expenses

Total Single Student Budget


Global Studies Requirement Increase: Students completing an international experience to fulfill the global studies requirement may borrow up to an additional $1300. Proof of enrollment is required.
One-Time Computer Increase: Students must submit an invoice or quote for the price of the computer in order to receive this increase up to $1,000. For domestic MBA students only,
* Estimated expenses assuming a modest lifestyle and shared housing.
** Yale University requires students to carry hospitalization insurance. The figure shown is an estimation of the cost of Yale's insurance for a single student in 2017-18. Students with alternate hospitalization insurance may waive Yale Health coverage.

Joint Degree Applicants

Fees for students in joint degree programs may vary from the fees shown above in the standard student budget. In addition, graduate programs at Yale have different tuition rates and financial aid policies. Each school will determine your financial aid for the period of enrollment at that school. Please contact each financial aid office for information.

Joint Degree Programs