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Yale Global Executive Leadership Program


December 2019 – October 2020
Program Fee:
$60,000 includes meals and lodging.
Yale School of Management
New Haven, CT, USA
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AS A LEADER, THE WORLD EXPECTS YOU TO COMPETE STRATEGICALLY AND WIN GLOBALLY, NO MATTER THE ODDS. The Yale Global Executive Leadership Program (YGELP) will prepare you for the highest levels of global leadership. You will leave the program equipped with strategic insights, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of global business context needed to drive growth and profitability in a high-performing organization. Your five weeks at Yale will include participation in the world-renowned Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute and will culminate with YGELP Certification.

What you will take back

The program will make you a more effective leader with the toolkit to build a high-performing organization:

  • Develop a grand strategy for your corporation by understanding the competitive forces.
  • Persuade, influence, and negotiate expertly by honing your analytical and tactical abilities.
  • Evaluate and improve your firm’s performance through financial analysis.
  • Gain perception on global business environments and financial factors, opportunities and risks in emerging markets, and policy barriers and incentives.
  • Create competitive advantage and leverage operational capabilities.
  • Manage crises and drive change effectively through the organization.
  • Avoid pitfalls in restructuring, M&A, and turnaround situations.
  • Align talent with strategy to create a more resilient and agile organization.
  • Drive shareholder value and balance growth, ambition and oversight with fiduciary responsibilities and realities.

[VIDEO] Hear from past participants on their experience at the Yale Global Executive Leadership Program.

  • YGELP Post-Program benefits

    Upon completing the program, YGELP participants receive Yale International Affiliate status, which gives access to our vast global alumni network and an array of resources that facilitate lifelong learning, growth, and success. Following are some of the key benefits:

    • Membership in the Yale Alumni Association, a network of 150,000 Yale alumni around the world
    • Membership in the Yale School of Management Alumni Association
    • Inclusion in the Yale alumni directory and the SOM alumni directory
    • A lifelong email forwarding address: [yourname]@aya.yale.edu
    • Access to the Yale Career Network
    • Access to the Yale SOM Job Board
    • Invitation to CELI reunions and SOM executive education reunions
    • Invitation to local SOM chapter events
    • Access to selected Yale SOM career services
    • Increasing access to Global Network for Advanced Management alumni events around the world
    • 25% discount on all Yale SOM executive education open enrollment programs
    • Free participation in faculty webinars available to SOM alumni
    • Invitation to participate in the SOM Alumni Association student mentoring program
    • Free access to thousands of journals through JSTOR and HeinOnline
  • Who should attend

    The program will bring together a group of proven business leaders who hold C-level positions or positions within one level of the CEO—someone identified within the leadership pipeline as the next in line. They should be an integral part of the organization’s decision-making team.

    We welcome applications from participants with:

    • Significant experience and demonstrated career progression and success across levels, including:
      • Executive Committee members
      • Heads of major business units
      • Heads of function for the entire organization
      • Senior executive members of core advisory or core operating groups
    • A minimum of 20+ years of work experience including significant time in senior management roles.
    • A strong drive, ambition and belief that being the best within the organization is not enough, they have to be one of the few in the industry, leading and shaping it for the future.


The YGELP takes place over 10 months and the program is divided into three intensive classroom modules at Yale SOM campus to engage and inspire you on all aspects of global executive leadership. In between these three on-campus modules, we have designed immersive off-campus learning and engagement opportunities with our faculty via monthly video conferencing based meetings. You will get new insights from faculty through discussion on latest research or a case study, share insights and reflections on how you are applying your learnings from the last on-campus module at Yale SOM, and get guidance from the Yale network. Your learning journey continues seamlessly over the entire 10 month period, helping you transform the leadership perspectives and accelerating your professional and personal growth.

  • Organizational Leadership
    • Organizational strategy
    • Business and product portfolios
    • Marketing and sales driven growth
    • Competitive advantage through operations
    • M&A driven growth
    • Negotiations
    • Restructuring and turnaround situations
    • Managing uncertainty
    • Innovation driven growth
  • Personal Leadership
    • Positive strategic leadership orientation
    • Authentic leadership development
    • Building a support network
    • Finding and benefiting from mentors
    • Leadership coaching for blind spots
    • Developing a personal growth roadmap
  • People Leadership
    • Leadership styles and motivation
    • Leadership communications
    • Leadership in a connected world
    • Crisis management
    • Change management
    • Leadership, ethics and corporate accountability
    • Mentoring and coaching other leaders
    • Developing ownership and building strong teams
    • Developing a leadership pipeline
    • Managing boards
    • Driving shareholder value and investor relations
    • Human resources and talent management
  • Strategic Financial Leadership
    • Measuring, analyzing, and driving corporate performance
    • Linking strategy to finance and the new role of a CFO
    • Master the essentials of corporate financial management
    • Lead in the global economy—including government and international policy, state’s economic performance, national income and global business environment.


Global Executive Leadership Program Faculty Director

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld
Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld serves as the Faculty Director for the Global Executive Leadership Program. Professor Sonnenfeld has devoted his career to studying executive leadership and advising CEOs of major companies. BusinessWeek named him one of the world’s 10 most influential business school professors.

YGELP Alumni Perspectives

The Yale Global Executive Leadership Blog  draws  inspiration from the contradictions at the heart of great leadership. Each of the points of view expressed in the articles deal with the complexity of reconciling contradictions in a variety of manners. 

Program Partner

Northwest Executive Education is the program partner for the Yale Global Executive Leadership Program. You can reach them by email at yale@northwest.sg, or by phone at +91 8587878713-14-15 (India) or visit the program website at http://northwest.education/yaleGELP

Veterans Benefits

Yale School of Management is proud to offer funding support for veterans interested in this program. For more information about financial aid options and eligibility please visit the Executive Education Veterans Benefits page.