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Past Programs

A few of the customized programs we have delivered


Leadership Skills for Senior Managers

One component featured Professor Victor H. Vroom’s proprietary computer-based analysis of each participant's leadership style, which compares participants to more than 150,000 senior managers based on a pre-workshop analysis of 30 real-life situations.

Top Line Growth

By using select faculty from several Yale disciplines and schools to help shape the dialogue among senior leaders, participants were able to recognize the implications of the changing landscape—both threats and opportunities—unfolding before them. Prominent outside experts were invited to join panel discussions to assure a wide range of perspectives.

The Negotiator’s Mindset

Negotiation is explored in terms of strategies and tactics to help participants master “the negotiation mindset” in a variety of contexts. The program includes a day of thought-provoking insights with Professor Barry Nalebuff, author of Why Not? How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small.

Emerging Global Leaders

Modeled after our full-time MBA, the program was designed to help participants develop a wide range of leadership and management skills that would to take them as individuals—and thus the company as a whole—to the next level.  Real-life simulations, company-specific case studies created by Yale’s “raw” case development team, field experiences in various domestic and overseas locations, and a “new business creation competition” provided an exhilarating and bonding experience.

Financial Management Mindset

Topics were drawn from the cutting-edge work of our finance faculty, including new insights from behavioral finance, trends in private equity, the role of commodities in investment portfolios, and how to manage structured products. The mix of topics and cases was client-centered and tailored to the individual needs of participants.