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About the Program

We partner closely with each client to develop custom solutions to organizational challenges.

Our process starts with listening and asking the right questions, so that we can understand your organization. We then bring the tremendous resources and expertise of the Yale School of Management to bear, and design a program from the ground up that will fit your needs and help you move your company forward. 

Exec ed

Depth of Expertise

We engage the best scholars and educators in the world to teach in your program. Our faculty are leading scholars and thinkers in their specialties, with years of research and experience to draw upon. They are true educators who take the time and make the effort to understand your needs and to address them.

We draw on top talent from the Yale School of Management faculty and throughout Yale University and its renowned departments and professional schools; we also invite luminaries from the world of practice and from other institutions to create an unrivaled wealth of people and perspectives for your program.

Responsive Process

One indication of our effectiveness is the long-term relationships we build with our clients. Our faculty and program design team will do whatever it takes to create the best possible program for your organization with measureable results and a demonstrable return on your investment. Many of our clients come back for additional programs or otherwise expand their engagement with us.


Your program is designed by experts who think long term and whose research is helping to create the agenda for the future. We integrate this cutting-edge scholarship and subject matter expertise to help you look beyond today’s challenges and grasp the opportunities of the future.

A Yale Experience

Your program at Yale extends beyond the classroom to become a true Yale experience. Participants earn an individual Certificate of Completion from Yale signed by the Dean of the School of Management. 

It's All about Results

We help organizations and individual leaders move forward.

We do this by collaborating with you and by being accountable for the success of your program. We design programs to make a significant difference in the future of those who attend, and to accomplish specific goals and objectives as agreed. Many of our clients continue to return, indicating the success of our programs. We further monitor our data to ensure you reach your goals. We believe we can always improve and we work closely with our clients and our faculty to keep raising the bar.