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Participant Spotlights

Our community of lifelong learners share their program experiences and the learnings that advanced their professional development.

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Latoya West-Blackwood
March 27, 2024 Executive Education Blog

Amplifying impact through lifelong learning

To position herself for greater impact in her community and beyond, Latoya West-Blackwood seized the opportunity to attend Yale’s Women’s Leadership Program.

Isaac Chen
March 06, 2024 Executive Education Blog

Progressing from acclaimed editor to operational leader

To successfully navigate a new leadership role within the shifting and challenging film industry, Isaac Chen turned to Yale’s Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders Live Online.

Kehli Harding Woodruff
January 24, 2024 Executive Education Blog

Business leadership to boardroom impact

Determined to make her mark in the boardroom with her passion and expertise, Kehli Harding Woodruff joined Yale SOM’s Women on Boards program.

Enrique Sánchez-Rivera
November 20, 2023 Executive Education Blog

Driving positive change through purposeful leadership

Equipped with the insights he gained in the Yale Global Executive Leadership Program, Enrique Sánchez-Rivera is channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into a new mission-driven venture.

April Randall
October 09, 2023 Executive Education Blog

Charting a path forward in leadership

Striving to advance her career, April Randall joins Yale’s Women’s Leadership Program and unearths powerful insights into herself and how to lead successfully.

Ashley C. Allen
September 14, 2023 Executive Education Blog

Forging invaluable connections

In Yale SOM’s Women on Boards program, Ashley C. Allen taps into a network of fellow trailblazers who extend guidance and inspiration as she navigates her career journey.

Valerie Thompson
July 12, 2023 Executive Education Blog

Harnessing the power of negotiation

After learning a fresh new way to negotiate in Yale’s Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders Live Online program, Valerie Thompson secured a promotion.

Kell Bliss, Women's Leadership Program
July 03, 2023 Executive Education Blog

Preparing for the next level of leadership

Lieutenant Commander Kell Bliss shares why she chose Yale’s Women’s Leadership Program to equip her for success in a new leadership role.

Richard Winchell
June 19, 2023 Executive Education Blog

From Executive Education to EMBA

Richard Winchell shares how joining the 2019 cohort of Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders ultimately drove him to pursue the EMBA program at Yale SOM.

Christopher M. Naghibi
June 05, 2023 Executive Education Blog

Surpassing self-imposed limits

Christopher M. Naghibi explains how the Yale Global Executive Leadership Program pushed him to challenge his self-imposed limits and evolve as a leader.