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Fostering Inclusion and Diversity

Lead diverse and inclusive teams that outperform their peers.

Fostering Inclusion and Diversity, a 3-week online program by Yale’s renowned professors, delivers the skills leaders need to build more inclusive and diverse teams, leading to improved business outcomes with increased effectiveness and innovation.

The focus of this program is on identifying and building key conceptual models leaders can apply to their organization dynamically. These models include: unconscious biases, promoting behavioral change, redefining leadership, recognition of dimensions of diversity, and reinforcing patterns of (dis)engagement.

The program is delivered digitally in collaboration with our online program partner, ExecOnline. ExecOnline provides a digital learning solution tailored to best deliver Yale’s research and expertise.

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While we all know intuitively that I&D are important in any organization, many of us are clueless to begin with in terms of a toolkit to use. This program shows us the path which will help us move the needle in terms of navigating from conscious incompetence to the next level and hopefully beyond.

About the Program

  • Building and nurturing an inclusive and diverse team that is more innovative, collaborative, and responsive to changing customer needs.
    • According to Deloitte Australia research, inclusive and diverse organizations see better business performance in terms of ability to innovate, (83% improvement) responsiveness to changing customer needs (31% improvement) and team collaboration (42% improvement).
  • Defining, understanding, and leveraging different types of diversity to increase business outcomes.
    • For example, gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their peers, according to McKinsey & Company.
  • Addressing known and unknown barriers to building inclusive and diverse teams, such as making the business case and combating unconscious bias.
  • 3-week duration, 15 hours (5 hours/week)
  • 6 hours of on-demand, HD lectures
  • Professor interactions, group learning, and optional coaching sessions
  • Final project, which integrates weekly activities

This course is designed for Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents who aim to drive business outcomes through understanding, building, and nurturing inclusive and diverse organizations. 


Heidi Brooks
Heidi Brooks

Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior

Areas of Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Workplace Issues

Heidi Brooks teaches and advises on the subject of everyday leadership: the everyday micro-moments of impact that shape our lived experiences. Creating more courageous communities—especially within organizations—is a particular passion of hers. Dr. Brooks specializes in large-scale culture change projects focused on individual and collective leadership effectiveness in organizations. Interpersonal Dynamics, the MBA elective she has taught for 15 years, is one of the courses most in demand at the Yale School of Management (SOM). Recently, Dr. Brooks pioneered the Everyday Leadership course at Yale SOM, where she first taught the Principles of Everyday Leadership. She has also taught Emotional Intelligence, Power & Politics, Managing Teams and Groups, and Coaching Skills for Managers. Dr. Brooks received her doctorate in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree from Brown University. A life-long experiential learner, you can find her as a student in classrooms as far-ranging as improvisational theater and immersion language lessons.

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Amy Wrzesniewski
Amy Wrzesniewski

Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Amy Wrzesniewski's research interests focus on how people make meaning of their work in difficult contexts (e.g., stigmatized occupations, virtual work, absence of work), and the experience of work as a job, career, or calling. Her current research involves studying how employees shape their interactions and relationships with others in the workplace to change both their work identity and the meaning of the job.

Registration Information

Program Details

Orientation begins: June 28, 2024
Program starts: July 08, 2024

The program is delivered digitally in collaboration with our online program collaborator, ExecOnline.

Have questions about the program? Contact Joanne Legler, Yale Executive Education’s Senior Director of Learning Partnerships.


"While we all know intuitively I&D are important in any organization, many of us are clueless to begin with in terms of a toolkit to use. This program shows us the path which will help us move the needle in terms of navigating from conscious incompetence to the next level and hopefully beyond. The ability to interact with my colleagues in different areas during the live breakout sessions was valuable." – Vice President & Managing Director, Technology Company

"I truly appreciated having new perspectives within inclusion and diversity. Being BIPOC, people assume you know everything there is to know on the subject and, while I am uniquely qualified to speak to I&D, there is still much to learn, consider, and integrate. I was able to immediately begin integrating what I have learned at work in training discussions, etc." – Retail Company

"The content was incredibly helpful, in a digestible format and easy to bring into my work right away. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the lectures and found Professor Brooks and Wrzesniewski to be phenomenal facilitators." – Retail Company

"I enjoyed the video segments and took so many notes. I appreciated how they were broken out and how you could track where you were within the week cadence in the overview. I also thought it was easy to go back if I forgot something. I thought the content was so spot on and I was able to incorporate it into my daily work and shared learnings with my team." – Retail Company

"I was very pleasantly surprised by how engaged in the online course I felt, perhaps having a bias on online programs before having participated in one. This course was excellent, the contact was smart, and the communication ability of the professors was outstanding." – Director, Human Resources, Manufacturing Company

Program Collaborator

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