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Paul Gennett ’25


Internship: Summer Associate, Bain & Company

I always knew I wanted to transition from engineering into business. I believe technology has the power to improve the human condition. Technological innovation enables greater production with less input of energy and material. Over time, I believe humanity can transcend scarcity to live in abundance. But I think the greatest barrier to this is lack of investment. As a business leader, I want to lead the technological investment and implementation that will drive human progress.

I applied to several business schools but was drawn to SOM’s mission, intimate size, and proximity to New York and Boston. I remember getting my acceptance call from admissions early one morning while eating breakfast at an engineering conference. I instantly knew this was where I would be. I love living and working among like-minded people at Yale and soaking in the many unique learning experiences.

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I came to SOM with a relatively narrow technical approach to solving problems and leading teams. I had rarely considered many of the business stakeholder perspectives included in the integrated core curriculum. I now view problem-solving and leadership through many different critical lenses. The SOM community overall stimulates this kind of broad reflection and discovery. I came here knowing I wanted to transition from the engineering side of the equation to the business side, but I wasn’t sure how. I’ve been able to speak with countless second-year students, alumni, guest speakers, professors, and staff to gain better understanding of the opportunities out there and the role I want to play.

Many of the coolest experiences I’ve had in New Haven have been right in the surrounding community. Yale has a beautiful campus surrounded by serene parks that make for an easy escape. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need a break, I love to walk around campus or hike East Rock Park, where I always find something new. Another fun experience was the annual Cohort Cup soccer game. I never play soccer but braved 30-degree temperatures to hang out with my cohort and compete. I’m also volunteering as a literacy tutor with the New Haven Reads organization, helping teach elementary schoolers how to read.