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Christine Zhou ’25


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2025, Silver Scholar


Shanghai, China



Undergraduate Institution and Major

Nanjing University, English; University of Pennsylvania (exchange), Business

Internship Organization

Venture Capital

Clubs and Affiliations

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Yale Venture Club, Healthcare & Life Sciences Club, Greater China Club

Leadership Positions

Leader, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

What is your favorite class at Yale SOM?

My favorite class at Yale SOM is Innovator. It is a class that not only teaches step-by-step how to design a venture, but also gives us an opportunity to work in teams and be entrepreneurs. I value this experience because innovation is crucial to modern organizations, whether it be a large company that needs revitalization or a startup that needs innovative ideas. In addition to the course materials, I simply enjoy being exposed to a variety of brilliant ideas proposed by my classmates, from healthcare to AI.

Contact Information (she/her/hers)

Talk to me about...

Diversity and Inclusion at Yale SOM

Where are you in your Silver Scholar experience? 

I'm currently away from SOM completing my full-time internship experience