Yale School of Management

Our Integrated Curriculum

Reach Beyond the Boundaries. Understand How Real Organizations Work.

You’re the CEO of a company that’s expanding into new markets. How do you weigh potential returns against political risk? How do you keep your team aligned around core values?

You need to look at your organization’s challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives in order to see the complete picture.

Curriculum overview 


Year 1: Core

Your first step toward being a great leader.  

Year 2: Electives

Dig deep and explore all Yale has to offer.


Program Highlights

Global Study

Travel for a weeklong course at another business school, study with students from around the world in a virtual global course, or travel for a nonprofit consulting engagement—and enhance your global acumen. 

Leadership & Teams

Throughout your MBA career, you’ll form and manage teams, learn what works and what doesn’t—and then apply those lessons the next time around. 

Raw Cases

Learn the way you work. Our online “raw” cases simulate real-world decision making by asking you to sift through documents, video, news articles, and other data.