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Faculty Authors

Sharon Oster Headshot
Sharon Oster - Economics, Nonprofit Management
cases by Oster
William Goetzmann Headshot
William Goetzmann - Finance
cases by goetzmann
Doug Rae headshot
Douglas Rae - Politics
Cases by rae
Edi Pinker headshot
Edi Pinker - Operations, Healthcare
Cases by pinker
Andrew Metrick - Finance
Cases by Metrick     YPFS Cases
David Bach - Globalization, Business Strategy
Cases by bach
Heather Tookes - Finance
Cases by Tookes
Rodrigo Canales - Organizational Behavior
Cases by canales
Judy Chevalier - Economics
Cases by chevalier
Ravi Dhar - Consumer Behavior, Marketing
Cases by dhar
Geert Rouwenhorst - Behavioral Finance
Cases by rouwenhorst
Jacob Thomas - Finance, Accounting
Cases by thomas
K. Sudhir - Marketing, Healthcare
Cases by sudhir
James Baron - Management
Cases by baron
Olav Sorenson - Entrepreneurship, Private Equity
Cases by sorenson
Tony Sheldon - Social Enterprise
Cases by sheldon
Art Swersey Headshot
Art Swersey - Operations
cases by Swersey
AJ Wasserstein headshot
AJ Wasserstein - Entrepreneurship
Cases by Wasserstein
Fiona Scott Morton headshot
Fiona Scott Morton - Economics, Strategy
Cases by Scott Morton
Peter Schott Headshot
Peter Schott - Macroeconomics
Cases by Schott

Case Study Research and Development Team

Case writing efforts are centrally managed by the Case Study Research and Development Team (CRDT).

Yale SOM Case Studies Director Jaan Elias

Jaan Elias, Director of Case Research and Development

In 2006, Jaan Elias became the Yale School of Management’s first Director of Case Study Research. In his time at Yale, Elias and his team developed the “raw”case study format that draws together Internet links, interactive exhibits, text and video on a multimedia, web-based platform. These cases have been widely used not only at Yale, but in management curriculum throughout the world. Elias received a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior (a joint degree program between the Harvard Sociology Department and the Harvard Business School). 

Yale SOM Case Studies Rosenthal

Jean Rosenthal, Project editor

Jean Rosenthal has been working with the Yale School of Management case writing group since its inception.  She has authored more than 50 case studies on a range of topics.  Before joining the group, she had been an SOM research fellow, a manager at PG&E, the California energy utility, and an editor of college textbooks.  She co-authored the book, Corporate Profit and Nuclear Safety: Strategy at Northeast Utilities in the 1990s with Paul MacAvoyShe has a BA from Harvard and an MBA from California State University.

Yale SOM Case Studies Media Producer Greg MacDonald

Greg MacDonald, Multimedia Producer

Multimedia Producer Greg MacDonald brings more than 2o years of film and video production experience to the Case Research and Development team, including broadcast and live TV focusing on culture, the arts, music, education, and social issues. As a researcher and writer, Greg has more than 80 script credits for TV, video, multimedia and film, including programs, documentaries, music videos, interactive presentations, and feature films. Greg received his B.A. in Visual & Envrionmental Studies/Filmmaking from Harvard University.  

Nikki Springer, CRDT Project Editor

Nikki Springer, Project Editor

Nikki brings a background in business, sustainability, design, and development.  A graduate of the MBA program at SOM and the PhD program at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, her research has focused on the intersection of renewable energy, land use planning, and environmental regulation. Before Yale, she helped design and implement a series of environmental initiatives as part of  Walmart’s corporate facility management team. She has also worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Walt Disney Imagineering, and planning and design firms in NY and Shanghai.