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Featured case studies by Yale on Asset Management

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Hedge Funds In Institutional Portfolios: Florida Retirement System

Asset Management, Financial Regulation, Investor/Finance, Metrics & Data, State & Society

Institutional Investor magazine put “The Great Hedge Fund Experiment” on the cover of its June 2011 issue. Inside, the magazine described how in little over a decade, state pension funds had gone from considering hedge funds as “too risky and secretive” to embracing them in their asset allocation schemes. The magazine argued the interchange had left both pension funds and hedge funds...

Centerbridge's London lobby


Asset Management, Financial Regulation, Investor/Finance, Metrics & Data, State & Society

When Jeffrey Aronson and Mark Gallogly founded Centerbridge in 2005, they hoped to grow the New York City-based, private investment firm to a point it was “big enough to matter,”  but not so large as to lose the firm’s nimbleness and collegial culture. In short order, Centerbridge proved successful. As the firm built its funds, the partners began to source more of the firm’s deals...

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Commonfund ESG

Asset Management, Investor/Finance, Metrics & Data, Social Enterprise

Commonfund was founded in 1971 with the objective of helping nonprofit organizations, especially universities, to better invest their endowments. In the years since its founding, Commonfund had become a thought leader in the endowment world. The organization prided itself on working with its 1,300 clients to help not only gain better investment returns, but also to help university investment...