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Featured case studies by Yale on Sustainability

PV solar panels

Connecticut Green Bank

Investor/Finance, Social Enterprise, Sourcing/Managing Funds, State & Society, Sustainability

On July 12, 2017, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government bestowed the prestigious Ash award in policy innovation, the "Nobel of policy," upon the Connecticut Green Bank for its role in "sparking the green bank movement." The Green Bank used financial structuring to attract private capital to clean energy projects in Connecticut. Using transaction enablers and risk mitigants...

Workers in a field during a controlled burn

Palm Oil 2016

Competitor/Strategy, Law & Contracts, Macroeconomics, Operations, Social Enterprise, State & Society, Sustainability

In 2014, the four largest palm oil trading companies signed an agreement to end deforestation, development of peat lands and exploitation of locals not only with their own operations, but also from all of their suppliers. For environmental NGOs, the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (as the agreement was named) represented a dramatic advance in their decades-long efforts to protect the Indonesian...

Engines move through the production line at the Cummins factory in Dong Feng, China.

Cummins in China

Ethics & Religion, Innovation & Design, State & Society, Sustainability

Throughout the world, Cummins Inc. meant diesels. The company designed, manufactured, distributed, and serviced diesel and natural gas engines, for transportation, construction, and power generation. In addition to the engines, it manufactured components, including filters, turbochargers, and aftertreatment, used with its own engines and with the systems of other manufacturers. The components...