Yale School of Management


At Yale SOM, we are motivated by the school’s mission to educate leaders for business and society. The community is united by the belief that acting on our mission requires us to address the biggest and most pressing challenges in the world today. Such problems can’t be solved through solitary gestures—it takes teamwork, an ability to leverage human capital, and the building of active connections between people, ideas, and resources.

Through our community, we learn to challenge each other, support each other, and have the hard conversations necessary to bridge differences. For students, participating in this dynamic, engaged community is a meaningful part of the business school experience.

The evidence is visible every day. The Yale SOM integrated curriculum emphasizes teamwork, putting students into groups to work on a range of projects. Students carry this collaborative approach beyond academic assignments by working together in the more than 50 student organizations at the school—sharing advice on how to prepare for a consulting interview, teaming up to plan a major industry conference, or sharing aspects of their backgrounds or cultural heritage with fellow students.

The community extends to the school’s 7,000+ alumni, who remain closely engaged with current students. Last year, more than 70 alumni came back to campus on one day to share insights into their companies and industries at Career Immersion. More than 500 alumni, across regions and sectors, participate in the school’s Mentorship Program. Other alumni return to campus to speak and assist with admissions functions. Yale SOM alumni also support the school financially, with 52% having contributed to the Alumni Fund last year—a number that far exceeds nearly all peer business schools.

Business students at Yale connect with peers at 29 other business schools around the world through the Global Network for Advanced Management.