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Jourdan Brooks, assistant director of community and inclusion

Meet the Assistant Director of Community and Inclusion

Jourdan Brooks sees his work fostering inclusivity at Yale SOM as part of his life’s purpose.

Jourdan Brooks, assistant director of community and inclusion

Diversity: a term that is defined as “a range of different things.” This simple definition encompasses who I am as a man and as a professional. The exploration of thought pertaining to people’s perspectives and cultures genuinely excites me—and in my role at Yale SOM, I am able to wake up and seek those things out each and every day.

My professional background has mirrored this quest for “different things,” as I’ve worked in finance, utilities, insurance, and now higher education. Throughout each of these moments in my career, I have always been intrigued by the cultural makeup of the company I worked for. It has always been important to me to champion diversity in each organization.

In my personal life, too, I have always challenged myself to “diversify” my experiences. This has led me to skydiving, studying martial arts, riding motorcycles, and even taking up cycling. Each of these aspects of my life provides me the opportunity to gain a wider world lens; all of which challenges and develops my desire to seek more and learn from experiences outside of my personal view. 

My time spent on a historically black business school campus provided me access to advanced technology in business, the ability to learn from industry leaders, and inspired me to strive for more. Additionally, it instilled in me values and principles that I can take with me anywhere. Having been given these tools, I have developed a deeper passion and vision for people and equity.

After completing my undergraduate education at Morgan State University, one of the nation’s 107 historically black colleges and universities, I was presented with the challenge of not only upholding the standard of the university, but also continuing to raise the bar and look to provide access for those to come. This is what brought me to Yale SOM. I was finally given the opportunity to bring my two passions together: diversity and education.

Yale SOM has provided me the opportunity to deliver on that challenge. I am able to impact the lives of future leaders, provide access to information, and work toward eliminating barriers. I can genuinely say that my career is not work, but more of a purpose. As the assistant director of community and inclusion, I work to create a community that is non-assuming, inclusive, and, most important, a space where everyone can be their authentic self.

Join me on my journey!