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Meet New Associate Director of Admissions Kayla Ohmes

In her new role, Kayla Ohmes will combine traditional recruitment and admissions duties with the analytics and operations.

It’s probably not surprising to those who know me that I have found a career in admissions. Back in high school, I was the one who had just as much fun assisting my peers in finding their colleges as I did finding my own (I also loved the telephone book-sized college guides and would pore over them, fascinated by all the different choices. Did anyone else love those huge books?). During my senior year in college, I realized higher education existed as a professional field, and I knew it was perfect for me. Never leave school? Great!

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked in a few sectors of student affairs and find admissions to be my favorite area because of the increasing amount of analytics in enrollment management and the psychology behind people’s decision making. I enjoy getting to know applicants and having those one-on-one conversations where I get to hear their goals, understand their program wants and needs, and work with them throughout the application process.

In my new role as an associate director of admissions at Yale SOM, I get to focus on assessment and evaluation, so I’m excited to combine traditional recruitment and admissions duties with the analytics and data side of operations. My past experiences have been varied within the private university, public university, and community college sectors; I’m eager to broaden my portfolio here at such a global university.

A couple of facts about me: Each calendar year, I make a goal to read 100 books. I’m always willing to hear book recommendations and to dish out a few recommendations to fellow book worms. I’ve also relocated to New Haven from Saint Louis, so I welcome any and all recommendations on the city’s hidden gems.